Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Think What You've Done, What You've Asked For" Says Hairy On Scalise Shooting

"Let me be clear about what you likely accomplished, you moron!"

[turns blog function on, nearly breaking off knob] Shelob!

Here. You intend to blog? You have not blogged much recently.

Thank you for your service, DC officers who are still unnamed.

[scans Hairy's last newsfeed] Scalise has been shot during practice for a charity baseball game. The gunman in custody.

The message sent was that congressmen are vulnerable when they do charity work. Nice going. Now any money they MIGHT'VE  been willing to spend on affordable care is going to be used to beef up their security.

Didn't I say recently that congressmen should consider safe houses?

You did, yes.

Well, it's time now. [disgusted gill snort, disconnect]

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