Sunday, March 30, 2014

Compare These Two



Bishops from underwater chess set designed
by Herr D; reposted here with permission. HD

This is the first Sunday of my blog., so today's question is moderately religious. I have to say, true faith in any form is something wonderful. How do you prefer to deal with people who: have wrong notions about your faith, naysay about your faith or condemn faiths, try too hard to convert you to theirs, drive people away from yours?

I imagine that if I were a woman in the Islamic faith, I'd feel nervous about wearing a burka near an airport even though the general public has been informed about extremism not being representative of mainstream faith. (That does seem odd to me, btw.) Did people of other faiths ever think that all Catholics and Protestants bombed abortion clinics, or that all Buddhists thought about self-immolation for the right cause, or that all Wiccans dance nude in the moonlight cutting themselves?

I realize full well that I don't understand a lot about humanity, but so far, I haven't found any two people perfectly predictable based on each other. That seems to mirror other species. I know that knowing people that are supposedly like myself hasn't really helped me know ME.

Ah, well. Sometimes I have told people that they didn't know what they were talking about, sometimes I have asked people to stop doing or saying things, sometimes I've ignored them, and sometimes, when I was younger, I argued with them. I've converted others, but, besides that, the only satisfying conversations I've had with others about religion were more about finding common aspects or realizing there were things I didn't know that I SHOULD have.

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