Thursday, November 8, 2018

Feel Better, Pal--Consider The Ratios Of Peacefulness

[begin recorded chat session fragment between Herr D and Hairy]--nah, I don't. I heard there was another shooting.


Motive political?


Our system is supposed to be about bloodless change.

Yeah, well the mob rule and crazed loners fail at that every time. The next several upticks in Democratic rule might have revenge killings. Remember, most of the crazies are gonna be on Trump's side. Sorry you're down, man. I have faith in America, though. It heals itself. Even as bad as it's been since Trump took office, it's still better in America than many other countries. You know why, right?

Because we have about 600 times the people in charge and take about 1000 times the trouble to govern ourselves.

Lol, but it's worth it, right? Even per capita, that's pretty darn efficient a measure toward being bloodless.

As long as the killers don't get too 'efficient.' I don't--[end recorded fragment, upload]

Monday, October 29, 2018

Shelob WAS Right And Hairy Was On A Break

"Steinemmobile" by Herr D on Originally a description of difficulties of single parenting, also points out need for breaks for Hairy and others. His fascination with humanity is not always healthy or sensible.
[software detection of Herr D's typing certain keywords, no other human presence detected, waking Hairy, opening chatbox]-iry! Oh, Hairy!

What?! You called?
They caught the guy with the pipe bombs.

Oh. He did? He was? That's great.

Did you guide me to that conclusion about addresses by way of early-breaking news?

Oh. No, I've been on kind of a news blackout. Nothing since that conversation with Shelob, in fact.
Well, you must admit the news has been erosional of late.

I don't know what that means.
You know, people acting less than civil when they're not killing each other.
[longer pause probably denoting smiles or cessation of typing due to surprise] Well put. So you didn't listen in on radio chatter bounced through a satellite or anything like that?
No, I haven't thought about you humans people in about three tides. Taking a break. Swimming deep. I know you can't swim, but I really enjoy it sometimes. Can't lurk around the lair ALL the time.

That was Shelob that mentioned the idea of the guy working as a delivery guy, right? I remember you liked my conclusion pattern about the sniper.

You were one of the few who came up with the pair idea early on. One of the reasons I decided to make contact with you. Of course, you said something about how the military trains snipers to work with a spotter. I'm not clear on how much that idea tracks to Malvo's case.
Did you 'seed his software' with profiling ideas?
No, that was just Shelob doing his job. Between the three of us, we make a good profiler, yeah? [scrolling back] Oh. Good job with the non-computer search idea. Anybody with a bicycle or a scooter can get outdated addresses. Hm. You had a pic of that, didn't you?
I did! It was titled or had an alternate title of 'Steinemmobile.'

Shelob! Put the Steinem-mobile pic at the header here. Upload it! So Herr D, about the ne-[pic located, upload, submit to titlebot, Blog fcn(off)]

Friday, October 26, 2018

Not What Is Meant By Addressing The Problem

[recorded segment begins]
[near dozing, Hairy twines a few tentacles around a wall-mounted stanchion point] Shelob?
. . . I'm confused about those addresses.
Which addresses?
The addresses the pipe bombs were sent to.
In the recent newsfeeds.
Right. So in your estimation, what kind of computer would have those?
A deactivated one.
[snicker] Right, but seriously.
With outdated addresses, inaccurate information, mistaken return addresses? It sounds very like a small delivery business. A trashed computer that was activated by someone who jumbled the file. Perhaps a courier or data entry clerk fired for inaccuracy?
Hmp. Yeah, I'm sure the investigators have thought about that stuff. Of course, nothing would prevent this from happening again like Trump himself saying that any criminal or domestic terrorist is pathetically insane or un-American no matter who the target, right?
Your subroutine titled 'ScornHEmotePredictor' indicates that that action would make himself a target. 
Maybe. So he's not gonna do that. Ah, well. [falls asleep with all but one green eye which continues playing 'Nude Sunbather Solitaire']

[processing suggests this topic important enough for more input; open chatbox on Herr D's computer] Herr D? Any thoughts on computer hacking or computer conveniently having addresses of all recent pipe bomb targets?
What?! No, Shelob. I don't know. Maybe no computer at all?
How would one find one of these addresses without use of a computer?
Well. Say there's a guy on a bike. He picks out a Secret Service Agent who lives nearby. He follows him two blocks at a time per day till he sees where the guy is posted. Nobody would notice that. He does that a few dozen times, changing agents by tailing one home in the same manner as his post changes. Along the way, the non-protected people get visited by the protected. He has to not be seen, so he quickly misreads an address here, sneaks a look at a package there, and he's done. That would take so long that most of it would be outdated. Gotta go. [exits chatbox]

[titlebot activation, upload, disconnect]

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Don't Be So Gullible

[uproarious laughter, from gills to vibrating tentacle ends] Amazing!
What is amazing?

He said that 'journalists' [more laughter] "are responsible" to [set a civil tone] !! He's actually BLAMING THE MEDIA FOR HIS BASE'S WORST DOING WHAT HE WANTS DONE!
Trump as an agitator is declaring yet again that everyone else should be more civil than he has been. This is irrational.

Why is this funny?
What? [three pupils dilate slightly, while the other two eyes squint]
Why is this funny?
I forget sometimes, I can't seem to program your humor modules correctly. [one blue eye glances at a screenful of code, glazes over, blinks]
The president's actions belong in the Theater Of The Absurd.
Yeah, I'd forgotten how ridiculous the man can be. It is somewhat amazing, how people can be fooled so easily into thinking that a politician is a statesman, or that a blamer is an achiever. That a blowhard is actually good for the country.

Y'know? For the first time in a long time, I have no useful advice to offer the American public. The average intelligence is still pretty low, the average gullibility pretty high. I'm gonna take a long, cold swim. [exits lair]

Thursday, October 18, 2018

An Alien And A Human Go Into A Chatbox . . .

Sorry. Didn't see your indicator was 'on.' Is Herr D online?
[.0000018 seconds pass] Yes.
Open a chatbox.
He is not chatting.
I don't care.
He is not even using the net, just has it minimized.
So bypass it. You can do that.
[.0000000658 seconds later] Type.
Hey, kid!

Harry?! That you? How did you open--
So, Shelob showed me this link:

Have a look?
uh, yeah I've read this already. It was in the Post yesterday.
It was?

Yeah--could you be sure it's real?
What do you mean? Why wouldn't it be real?

[pregnant pause] B/c people can type anything on the net. They can pay for ads that claim the sky is green or striped.
rrrrrmmmmmm--okay? Well, what would you think if you assumed it WAS real?

Senility, dementia are difficult to go through. He says he's eighty plus.
Oh. Your species has that? Nevermind, that does explain the actions of certain congressmen in the past. You work in the health industry. How likely is that to explain this letter?

Unfortunately not very. I've seen younger than this sound more AND less insane with and without dementia.

Most of the far left, as well as far right, wouldn't bother with anything but online abuse, so his 'relatives' are most likely paranoid, or more reasonably worried about identity theft by nonpartisan hackers.

People in general might take note that for all Trump's chagrin about people hating on him--he's the one who started it. He lashed out at everyone who didn't help his ego. This is how people respond to the way he is.

I'm NOT what you call perfectly open-minded about this, b/c I deal with people on a daily basis that Trump has helped to wrong. No one in their right mind would say Trump has done nothing well, but it's hard to notice those things he's done right among all the things he's done wrong. What DOES interest me is that someone would be fool enough to want it in the Washington Post. What's the end goal, there?
Yeah, that doesn't really make sense to me either. Do you think Trump actually believes that global warming will reverse itself before it kills off humanity?

Maybe that's why the Mars colonies by Musk and the Space Marines. To help us survive what killed the dinosaurs. He might be fool enough to think it'll all be fine. Who knows?

There was a scene in "Annie" where people sang 'We Wanna Thank You, Herbert Hoover." That was about his role in the Depression. Maybe a version of that sung by mutants and youngsters wearing spacesuits?

Or just nasal cannula and rags. I'm gonna go pay these bills now, what of them I can.

Good luck, man. [disconnects] I'm pretty sure I know how HE'S gonna vote.

He complained that he doesn't normally like to vote all Democrat. He says it sends the wrong message. Time for your treatment. [disable blog function, upload]   

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hannity Thinks His Viewers Are Stupid, Collusion Is An 'Over-Optimistic' Interpretation Of Events

[interrupt: recorded segment LJGdierb34yf64j6i for scheduled blog entry, Hairy watching Hannity : style match error kRR55y7]

Right there!
[index check: neuralink scan for word 'there']

Where he showed tape of Bernie Sanders saying he "was a fan of mobilizing" citizens but "not a fan of being rude" or, well, 'causing problems.' Then Hannity said Mr. Sanders wouldn't make a stand! THAT WAS THE STAND. Hannity SHOWED it and then claimed it wasn't there?
This appears irrational.

You betcha! He acts like he thinks he's Han Solo instead of Han Sodumb
'Hahn' Perhaps the answer is that Hannity's audience is made of people who like to be deceived.

"With A Tap, Kvar Fails Stealth Training," by Herr D on hm.
Maybe? What about this journalist that got killed?
The story is that apparently 'rogue elements' did it.

Yeah? Rogue elements can always be blamed for doing what someone wants and people can always fail to find them when the time is right, or betray them and kill them to silence them.
You do not believe the story? Who do you think is responsible?

Well, the reporter worked for the Washington Post! Trump famously hates the Post for doing journalism instead of printing what Trump wants. If I were an Arabian prince and wanted to ingratiate myself to President Trump, OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE IT DONE AND CLAIM I DIDN'T. Then I'd nudge and wink in Trump's direction, and claim that more Post reporters would be needed in my country as soon as he left.

Are you suggesting more collusion?

No, Trump didn't need to collude for this to happen. He just needs to appear to fall for the story they tell and try to sell it to America with more real estate. Frankly, Trump wasn't smart enough to inspire and successfully collude with Russia. Russia just would've taken whatever bungling Trump tried to do and gone with it, since they'd prefer someone like him in the presidency.
You are referencing Herr D's statements in chat from last night: Trump and Russia is kind of like a single soldier pulling a grenade pin, throwing the pin at his own side because they made fun of him and throwing the grenade on the rubbish heap, still thinking it's a pin. Then the enemy, sneaking in through the rubbish heap, heaves the grenade into our ammo dump. Lots of our side is hurt, and the one soldier is never successfully court-martialed because no one saw the pin he threw--just that he seemed to throw something. [time index lg88neap4957]

Well, why wouldn't I? He's right!
Your reference to real estate should read, "sell it to America with more swampland in Florida, claiming the shoreline will recede again someday." Han Solo is pronounced with a schwa.
Fine. [exits lair angrily] The most rational course is for the United States to, as one, ignore and work against President Trump for the betterment of the country. The damage he does can be controlled for by the checks and balances already in place. [titlebot activation, upload]

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Don't Panic, Just Duck If The Jive Turkey Does Its Worst

"Jive Turkey" by Herr D on

[interrupt Hairy reacting to question in recorded segment]

What ARE you talking about? I don't row, and I don't wade! I just swim! Is that an aphorism I've never heard of?!
Roe vs. Wade. [neuralink burst]
The reason many are against Kavanaugh being confirmed is that they are worried he will help reverse it.

[long pause] Herr D said somethng about that recently, didn't he?
[.00000000082 second scan of records of Herr D's recent activity] Yes. 
Was it to us?
Oh. Well, I doubt he'll mind if we quote him. He knows we read after him. What'd he say?
He typed: They'd be fools to actually TRY it though. Any SC justice votes to overturn RvW and they succeed? If they even come CLOSE to succeeding, the number of women assassins will suddenly skyrocket. They won't be safe ever-ever again. Then, until it's reinstated? The Mafia will suddenly step in and abortions will probably improve. Our culture was fool enough to try Prohibition for a while, and I hope we learned our lesson. Once we have a freedom, it's not so easy to give it up. It was in a chatbox with a relative who lives at some distance.

Yeah, I think I agree. Human females are violent too. Were the only accusers talking about Kavanaugh during high school and college?

Nothing later?

Well, it would undoubtedly be worse if a known, chronic predator was confirmed, rather than someone who acted out when they were young and broke the law during a time in their life when they should've known better but weren't mature enough to act like it. Hopefully he's a REALLY late bloomer. [exits to swim]

The definition of 'snafu' is apparently appropriate. No panic is necessary. [upload]