Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Please, Mitch, SAY THAT AGAIN!

"Tia And Crumpets" by Herr D on He said he based this pic on a real circus act.-Shelob


 [excerpted from chat--laughter, apparent from laptop jiggling] Thats great!

What is great? You said the voting law was not great.

No, Mitch McConnell saying businesses should 'stay out of politics, they're not designed for it.'

Why is this great?

Mitch can declare that he shouldn't get any corporate donors. He can declare the entire GOP shouldn't get any corporate donors. PLEASE let him say that.

He did. That would be businesses staying out of politics.

Well, that's what's so great! I hope he gets his WISH. I hope NO BUSINESS EVER GIVES TO THE GOP AGAIN. Ha! I'm gonna go tell my wife about THIS one. [moves laptop, sounds of footsteps picked up by microphone]

Herr D apparently agreed with a Republican declaration. It is good to agree where possible.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Welders Can Afford Cake, Land On Their Feet, Sturdily

"Hadji's New Job" by Herr D on "Medusa's hairdresser would be a blind snake charmer."-Herr D "Jobs come in all forms."-Shelob


 [discussion of televised interview] He is upset about losing his job and is blaming Democrats and democratic policies, especially Joe Biden. What is your reaction?

It would just be sympathy for people having a hard time, but, I've a reason to be callous.

What is that reason?

Most of the hardships I've faced in life, including job loss have been caused by Republicans.

Are you saying they are incorrect?

No. If you're a coal miner or working on ANYTHING regarding fossil fuels, eventually those jobs WILL be gone. Cutting them now IS a DNC goal. We LIKE the environment and people CAN build windmills and water wheels and solar panels and get other jobs like I did. Times are tough, just like they always were for me when my jobs were taken away.

He has something I didn't have, though.

What is that?

A welding license. He can work anywhere that needs metal joined. I've welded, but couldn't afford the money to get certified in my twenties, so he was better off than I was.

How did Republicans cause you job loss?

I was working in 'Company H' when short-selling got out of control and burst the housing bubble. That cut 'Company H's profits so badly that my entire department was closed. Short-selling was done mostly by people who vote Republican, and it was finally outlawed to the degree it is by Democrats.

That's it?

No, then I was getting unemployment and couldn't afford COBRA, but I was suffering it. Obama passed the ACA, and the Republican Congress fought so hard to defund it that they defunded my unemployment. I actually got a letter explaining that I deserved to get more but wouldn't, because the federal government wasn't paying up. So, DOUBLE paying for insurance on 2/3 my income went to ZERO. All told, it cost my family between 17k$ and 22k$ before I got another job. I would say it was double that, but Democrats deserve some blame too. They didn't win the elections and vote the other way.

You said jobs.

Yeah. Another job saw my boss come through yelling that he didn't think any of us deserved minimum wage, and now that it was going up, he might have to let some of us go. And he thought that if any of us were worth it, we'd be out starting our own companies anyway. Three of eight of us quit that week. He demanded of me why more work wasn't done. I looked up at him -- he was tall. I said, "I've only done triple what the others do. I USED to do only double, before you drove them off. You have yet to pay me what the others made before you cut them to minimum wage. CLEARLY, I'm never going to make what I'm worth if I wait for people to be FAIR about it. If you don't want me here, I'll clock out now. If you can stop hurting my ears, I'll continue to earn more than you will ever pay me, because I'm worth more than you'll ever pay me." He stared at me with his mouth hanging open for what seemed like forever. Then he walked out. He fired one of the others, raised my pay 5 CENTS AN HOUR over the new minimum, and said not a word. I left for college and didn't try to come back holidays like I did other companies.

ANOTHER job I had? I did the same job at the same desk for approximately the same pay for FOUR DIFFERENT COMPANIES. The morons couldn't figure out how to stay in business. There was, on average, a quarter between each company hiring me. The bosses of three of those failed iterations of the business tried to get all the employees to volunteer their time and lawn space for the RNC. The other one was the one that lasted a full two pay periods.

I don't have time to go into the others. You get the idea.

Yes. Thank you.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Herr D Has Written Something: Congratulations And Well-Wishes


 Herr D has apparently finished another project:

Thursday, March 18, 2021

'Human Beings Are Not Bats' And Other Important Statements About Possible Espionage


"Bat Of Reality For Linea" by Herr D on The problem is misattribution.-Shelob

 [Protocol A Error: Herr D not found online.

Protocol B Error: Urgent Topic

Protocol C Autoblog: RUN]

People being hungry and eating what is available is not wrong. Hungry humans are not Chinese bureaucrats or high-ranking Chinese officials, nor are they bats.

Citizens and recent immigrants from China and other countries are not in charge of making decisions in China. People who live here are not Chinese bureaucrats or high-ranking Chinese officials, nor are they bats.

Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Mongolians, Cambodians, Malaysians, and other non-Chinese people are not Chinese bureaucrats or high-ranking Chinese officials, nor are they bats.

Human beings are not bats.  

People who care about Americans and those on work visas are not Chinese bureaucrats or high-ranking Chinese officials, nor are they bats.

Chinese bureaucrats or high-ranking Chinese officials and possibly bats are responsible for COVID-19 escaping China. The guilty parties do not live here.

China is only partially allied with the United States, and China has not demonstrated a value of human life or quality of life of any humans, nor of bats equivalent to the value held in America. 

Conclusion: People committing violence in America against people who live here may be working for Chinese spies in an attempt to harm America. Even those people are not bats, and therefore deserve a trial.

Thank you for your attention; please disseminate this information to all confused people.


Monday, March 15, 2021

J.K. Rowling Wasn't JK


"One Tin Soldier" based on old folk song by Herr D on heromachine. Sometimes hostility is misplaced.-Shelob

 [reading] Yeah, Shelob; I'll comment on this.


Cancel culture is a double standard, and I find it personally offensive. Take for example the bits about J. K. Rowling. She was offended at a term "people who menstruate" and commented on it. She wrote a full explanation of how she was offended by it. She also wrote about how hateful people were toward her and some flawed terms they used about her--AT her. She was told to stick to writing fiction and not be involved in gender politics. Among declarations made, was that she shouldn't write about certain cultures other than her own and that people have a 'responsibility' to boycott the Harry Potter series. On a Twitter feed, people declared they 'now' hated her. People are now going through her work and imagining they are finding things that really probably aren't there. All those reactions to her were inappropriate at best.

How should they have reacted?

ONE person on the feed typed that they were disappointed and wished her well. That was all. Daniel Radcliffe pointed out that if they don't like what she says that they can still get what benefit they can from her work and work off the guilt with any cause they think she's wronged. It might be enlightened self-interest on his part, but it was enlightened.

Explain wrongs?

Far too many people were hateful toward her for anyone to say she was hateful to others. What she REALLY did was make a gentle jibe to get people to read later why she was offended. If she's supposed to not get involved in gender politics and just write, then why should anyone ELSE but a writer get to decide what terms we use? There ARE other women (and others) who are offended at the term "people who menstruate." So CLEARLY, Rowling had just as much right to be offended and perhaps MORE right to decide on terms. She's not a radical feminist, so calling her a TERF is foolish. Calling her names in general is less tolerant than everyone wants HER to be. 

What is this responsibility?

It SHOULD be a responsibility to ignore Twitter feeds or other comment sections if you are drawn to read and repeatedly a hateful fashion. If we canceled everything that benefited us that shouldn't have been done, we'd have to give America back to the Native Americans and Australia back to the aborigines and maybe just murder all humanity that might have killed off the Neanderthals.

The Bible says "hate the sin, not the sinner" in several different ways, and using several different wordings and contexts. Even anti-Christian people who know anything about human psychology know that that IS part of the way to lasting improvements in human behavior.

Anything else?

Yeah! They were WRONG to say she shouldn't write about other cultures. They have every right to say she didn't write about people they knew. Or that she should've done more research. If we wait till we have a writer of every culture they might write about, we'll run out of books, or at least have nothing but segregated casts in movies. Who's going to write about aliens, then?


Don't start. Cancel culture needs to go cancel ITSELF. It's WRONG. NO ONE HAS A 'RESPONSIBILITY' FOR ANY CAUSE THAT ACTS SO HATEFULLY.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hannity Is Vanity, Faux News Is Fallacious, And The Good Ones Are Too Busy


"If Aliens Have Reality T.V." by Herr D on

Shelob? Remember that stuff about 'repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and people will believe it, no matter how outrageous?


What's the antidote?

Irrational beliefs have no cure. Underlying psychosis can be treated, if present, but, unless they are symptomatic of something like psychosis there is nothing to be done. Unfortunately, the lack of cure is not the worst part.

No? I give up, what's the worst part?

There is no reasonable way to ramp up prevention.


You are able to dispute approximately one topical foible or fallacy per eight days.


With an average 37 views per eight days, rounding down. You are an above average writer with unusually high intelligence. Allowing for timing, you could trigger correct belief in a small number of people and change the beliefs of a smaller number of people. You are occupied, however.

[pause] You mean employed.

Yes. And busy with personal and familial needs. The vast majority of writers of internet content are wealthier, more solitary, have fewer responsibilities, are occasionally paid for their content by people with non-real agendas, and are sometimes extremely emotional or less sane. All of those factors make them more capable of generating high volumes of real-sounding, though anti-factual content. They also have the advantage of not requiring as much research.

Well. I could have told you that responsible, accurate writers can't write as much as the disinformation sources. I imagine that's obvious. Humanity is doomed to insanity and lies, right?


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Who ARE You? Conspiracy Theorists Are Out To Get You


"A New Vector Please" by Herr D on Paranoia implies grandiose schemes or overlarge egos, but almost never simulates reality.-Shelob


[chatbox opens over chess app] Herr D?

[startle reaction] What?! Right in the middle of my chess game? Game clock paused. Game site has requested other player to stand by and provided customized picture for his viewing pleasure.

[pause] What did you do, Shelob? An extra chatbox opened, covering his gameboard like this one covers yours. His contains partially clothed females that resemble ones he has been watching recently.

You looked up his porn history? And pixelated partial swimwear, edited the film to a different order, etc. It took an entire minute.

Well, going all out, huh?! [probable sarcasm] Wath [sic] do you want? Commenters on sites you frequent are still claiming that tracking devices will be contained in vaccines for COVID-19. You said you could dispute that.

You want me to do that now? Please.

Ok [pause] Shelob, let's pretend in our most insanely paranoid imagination that people couldn't already be tracked by their phones. That they don't tell ev1 where they are all the time anyway over social media. Less internet traffic.

Right. Then let's pretend that tech that small and so close to the skin's surface wouldn't likely get damaged by bashing your forearm on a doorway as you walk through it. Clumsy people would be untracked.

Right again. Then let's say that it would cost the government less than $100 a person instead of likely a lot more. Oh and the tech wouldn't malfunction kept that cold, stored in a liquid, forced through a pipette-style syringe and would be okay going halfway to boiling inside the human body where blood would tend to rust it away. Or erode it in the case of plastic.

Yeah. Let's assume all that for a moment. WHY DO THEY CARE? Who does everyone think they are that the government cares that much? Governments can't handle the work that they ALREADY do. They don't need more work to do. Finding each person and tracking them would be just stupid. The government has nothing to gain. The average person ISN'T THAT IMPORTANT to the rich, powerful, so-and-so's that run everything. I WISH I WAS that important! Now the governors? We only have fifty of them at a time and everyone can find out when they'll get vaccinated. Tracking leaders against kidnapping? THAT might reasonably happen. Thank you. You will now return to your entertainment.