Friday, August 5, 2022

The Ultra-Conservatives Are Just Too Cowardly


"Hitler's Rex" or "Das Maschine Catches The Rocket" by Herr D on Fascism comes from nationalism. Nationalism comes from fear. Brave people fight against fascism. Perhaps it would be easier and more efficient if more people were brave.-Shelob

[opens chatbox on Herr D's work computer] Please view this clip.

[violent motion, apparent startle reflex] SHELOB! What are you doing?! You KNOW I'm working. Please take break.

[logs off to games intranet] Shelob? I've got over 3000 more contacts to trace. You will not find direct contacts between subjects living farther apart than 200 miles.

What? Cell size for REDACTED tends to localized contact. That policy is contained in e-mails your administrator has not opened. 

[pause] Thank you. I'll have to come up with a creative way to think of testing that and discovering it. This information may save you 3 hours, 27 minutes, 4.831 seconds. Please view this clip.

[plays clip of anchor asking where nationalism, racism, white replacement theory, love for dictators, and fear of gender minorities come from.] Wow. Okay, I already know some of that. Please supply answer. Her guest was not forthcoming.

Love for dictators comes from the same sources as love for any leader. Misplaced loyalty, love for the person no matter their action, fear of losing national identity.  And nationalism?

[pause] Let me get to that in a minute. Fear of gender minorities comes from fear of one's own loss of identity or gender or disgust for sexual acts that they don't like. There's loads of sexual acts I'M not interested in, but if I don't have to watch it or participate, then it's none of my business. The rest of it comes from fear of change, fear of loss of self, fear of the unknown, and other fears.

So, fear. All of that comes from fear. Anything else? [plays clip of speech from Hungarian leader declaring no or less (bad sound flux) "drag queens and more Chuck Norris"]

I don't know Chuck Norris personally, but I think he's too brave to think THAT cowardly so-and-so is a better leader of a country than your average drag queen.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

NOT An Endangered Species, But . . .



"Shut Off That Stupid Light" by Herr D on Too much light is bad.-Shelob

104 degrees?! In the UK?!  Confirmed.

If there is THAT much sun in the UK, they're gonna have to make some adjustments. What adjustments?

They're gonna have to start importing sunblock. Scotland never needed that much of it before.  Why?

Redheadedness originated there. Easy burn skin? UK will have UV like never before. So redheads could become an endangered phenotype?



Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Totalitarians Already Partly Won; If The Enemies Of Biden Wanted More, They COULD'VE Negotiated Intead Of This Nonsense . . .


"Ethologist And Anchor" by Herr D on Obviously triffids would not predict weather, but ruminants and other consuming animals would constitute a genuine hazard.--Shelob

There are still Republicans declaring that the January sixth riots were excusable and acceptable and that prosecution of Trump and followers "egregious" and other adjectives that mean less than desirable. 

Apparently Orwell was right. The totalitarians have partly won. What do you mean?

When anyone supports 'alternative facts,' they are hoping people will drop the truth and play along. That is exactly what fascism wants. That's what Hitler wanted. That's what Stalin wanted. That's what EVERY totalitarian wants. Orwell called it the 'gramophone mind.' Meaning that fighting truth is fighting freedom of others.

Exactly. So, with this infection of truth-fighting in today's politics, the modern world is sick. Understood.

Did I predict to you that Biden could become the next Carter? You and Hairy both did. You chatted about it for 15 minutes, 46.8872 seconds.

So, replace Carter's unwillingness to compromise with Trump allies unwillingness to deal with reality, truth. Replace OPEC and Arab princes and hostage takers trying to influence American politics with China's failure to respect human life and Putin's nonsense. You get a very similar set of results, right? Low presidential approval rating despite fulfilling duties of position. Lack of cooperation from other branches of government. Inflation. Imaginary scandals that have no bearing on presidency or reality. Resistance to energy, climate, and education initiatives. 


I want to predict something I like. The sun will come out tomorrow.

Are you quoting an Annie song? Hairy advised starting small.

[snicker] Yeah, okay. [exits]

Saturday, July 9, 2022

A New Plan, Just In Case


"Special Delivery" by Herr D on

The REDACTED declared that Obama should not have performed the bailout.

Obama didn't go far enough. Explain.

When he bailed out the banks, he should have said--we're bailing you out, but since we're doing it at taxpayer expense, we're giving your bank to the taxpayers. I'm sure the DNC or the SEC or some other more appropriate government body could declare how many people--45, 56, etc., people should manage it. Then they go to the Unemployment offices and say "who've ya got?" These would be government jobs?

Nope. Public trust. As soon as it's set up, the gov should step out.  How would the public be paid its profit?

Tax reduction. Everyone gets an equal share against their taxes. These unemployed get to be heroic managers in a reverse lobby. The government told them to do well in business. You came up with something that Obama did not.

Well, he was a genius and all, but I wasn't under the kind of pressure he was. And you can't innovate to a schedule. Perhaps this plan should be considered for next time.

That's what you're publishing these for, Shelob. Correct.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Trump Admired Putin And Conservatives--So High-Priced Gas And Lack Of Abortions Fight The Poor Together

"No Hits Yet" by Herr D on Sometimes people think the wrong way.-Shelob


I AM actually sick of people blaming Biden for rising gas prices. That's what Republicans want everyone to think. How can a president control gas prices?

He can't. He can tell us that, but no one seems to care. We all want to afford to live, but we are in this mess because of opponents of Biden. As long as we have a president we can admire, we'll be forced to put up with his enemies messing up our lives. Putin?

The leaders of some other countries, and rich businessmen restricted by laws they don't want to follow, and die-hard, right wing Republicans. The same ones that despise having women's rights.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

But If It's The Other Way? What Then? An Approach To Abortion Law That May Be Ignored


"Maze1" by Herr D on Sometimes knots are good to unravel backwards.-Shelob


'A' and 'Q' have agreed to chat with me about their experience, briefly. Guys? Where do you want to start?


My wife had  a troubled pregnancy. Placenta previa, gestational diabetes, and three other conditions.  It wasn't going well. She asked me whether I could honor her wishes. I told her I couldn't.

Why couldn't you?

She said they have to have the decision made of who to save before they go in, so if they can't save but one, the decision is made. I couldn't love a child I haven't met as much as I already loved my wife.

What did you do about it, Q?

I got my mom to be my medical proxy.

It was hard for her to do that; I mean, her mom's a good lady, but her mom stresses her out. She's since a little less welcome at the hospital. 

Did you fight about this?


No. I told her the truth and let her do what she had to to follow her conscience. Some people would have called that passive suicide, but that's not how she saw it. She made what for her WAS a moral choice. 

And then?

Then the doctors went in and the baby wasn't going to make it. Malformed organs. It was going to die, and it was going to suffer till it died.

And the ultrasound didn't tell them that?

It was just too subtle to show up on the tests. So they were all ready to save the baby and had to swap out the surgical stuff at the last second, because my wife had a chance at a real life.

The doctors were straight with us, because they knew we are very educated. The baby had probably BEEN in pain, which is why he hadn't been moving much, had the variances in heart rate, stuff like that. They had thought it was the pregnancy conditions. It was too late to legally abort him, I mean during birth and all, they just gave some Tylenol and watched him die while they saved my wife.

Our second child is beautiful. She's smart and tall, like her daddy.

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

Aborting my first baby would have been a mercy killing. The rare genetic transcription error or errors  couldn't have been prevented. Otherwise, I would do things the same way. I'm not likely to agree to have an abortion unless the baby is going to have a bad life. Spina bifida, maybe.

That does result in a low quality of life. Well you know why I wanted you to talk about this.

I can't imagine any sane woman voting Republican anytime soon.

I can't imagine any sane woman having SEX with a Republican anytime soon.

Yikes. Okay. It does occur to me that your situation is not unique.

The doctors said things like this happen. Frankly even my right to choose the baby over myself was second. If you can't trust medical people to do their thing, you shouldn't go to the hospital. They saw that they needed to override me because of information I didn't have when I made my choice. I was upset, but they let me hold him. He would have been miserable. I'm glad he never had anyone call him ugly or look disgusted at him. He deserved a better life than he could have had, and I'm sorry we couldn't give him a good life, or any life at all.

What would you say to anyone who says you didn't have the right to make the choices you made?

That they're wrong.

That they're crazy. And they're the ones with no right.

And if they made choices different than yours?

I'd say this is America, and it's wrong to control other people.

I'd say I might not want to talk about it, rather than argue, but that's THEIRS. Not mine.

Thank you both for this.


This is a contrapositive example, and perhaps not covered in the news. Thank you, Herr D.        

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Truth Twisted Results In Death; Please Improve Your Thinking


"CFL Explanation" by Herr D on Some ideas persist despite non-utility.--Shelob.

You have not analyzed the contronymous statements submitted.

[pause] Sorry? I'm tired. Quote one for me? [Biden] --ridiculous. I want to stop the sales-- [voiceover] . . . Biden's gungrabbing . . .

y not allowing sale of a gun is different than taking them away. I have heard hundreds of crazy people talk. Never ONCE has anyone, not even an elected official sure of their nonsensical agenda said they think the government should take everyone's guns away. Where does that even come from? Origin appears to be propaganda.

Well, that would make sense. Quote another? Multiple persons outside home of Michigan official who refused to overturn election called her an enemy of democracy.

Yeah, people aren't very bright sometimes. Commercials like that first one cater to them, get them worked up, and make them sound as stupid as they are. What is the most tragic example you have heard in the past year?

A nurse explained to me that they aren't allowed to turn off Fox News or anything else for patients who choose to listen to it. So some people died of Covid19 while they were claiming it was a hoax. Dying of ignorance. This qualifies as irony?