Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First Question--The Door 'C' Method

Hello, everyone, and welcome. I've decided I'd like to see how many hum--I mean people! Uh . . . I'd like to see how many people can SIDESTEP AND FIND DOOR C.

Did that translate, Shelob?
No, try explicit example.
Okay. By the way, everyone, I'm not that tech-savvy, so I have this webmistress. She'll be advising me a bit dealing with . . . this. You. Blogging. Okay--

You all must have noticed how many arguments are useless to be a part of. Two people each take a side and go on till they give up. Like the abortion issue. I'm guessing people will be arguing both sides till humanity kills itself off by that certain industrial process you haven't invented yet.

Edit that out. Future knowledge is bad for them. Say 'forever.'
Okay, thanks; but it'll be automatic as soon as I finish the casual translation subroutine. I've got the bugs out of it already. It'll handle the content I'm not supposed to reveal.
Use false metaphor. Depict your species, culture imaginary.


Imagine that instead of the usual shouting, sarcasm, and tired rehashing of the same old arguments that don't get settled, the ISSUE (we'll stick with abortion for now) was being argued on stage by a pair of aliens!
In the traditional way for these aliens, two sliding doors in one frame, labeled 'A' and 'B,' were placed between them. Each one speaks in turn, adding a lock to their door.

Alien A: [adding lock to door 'A'] It's not your right to tell us we can't abort pregnancies!
Alien B: [adding lock to door 'B'] It's not your right to end another life!

At this point, someone, (perhaps you) sidesteps around the argument from the side they were on to find door 'C.' While the first two doors were for 'Abortion rights' and 'Birth regardless,' door 'C' is for 'Convincing contents.' If the marsupial pouch on the other alien has the correct contents, the argument may continue. If not, the argument must CEASE IMMEDIATELY as it is being argued by the wrong people.
Be concise. Long attention spans not common.
--Yeah. In other words, if I was ALWAYS pro-choice, I would ask the pro-life person for proof they adopted unwanted children or at least were a member of Big Brothers / Big Sisters. If I were ALWAYS pro-life, I would ask the pro-choice person for proof that they would agree to outlaw abortion temporarily during a potential extinction event, like if the world's population dropped to below eighty thousand in less than a year. Because these aliens would have registered for emergency preparedness plans.

 If they could not satisfy me that they were the right person to argue, I would simply not talk about it with them anymore.

How many of you out there can do that?
Good. Fairly clear. Picture ready?
Not yet. Have to post that later.

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