Thursday, March 27, 2014

Okay, well how about the issues about Navy submarine females? As long as we're down here blogging, it might be nice to peek in a few portholes and see females once in a while. I've been reading about the "Hi, sailor!" stereotype with great interest. I understand that the Navy wouldn't want to pay for an OB/GYN per submarine and that males might not be as trusted for such a job in this day and age when women are encouraged to become doctors of every specialty. I also understand that since humans don't have the choice of laying eggs or deferring fetal development--


Oh, yeah. Thanx, Shelob. Question! In your opinions, what do you think is more likely to work with the least controversy between the following?

1. An all-female submarine.
2. Experimental program where two females join sub crew, one being medic for whole crew, the other being the expert on the nuclear generator for the sub. (Obviously someone would have to be pretty stupid to rape their only doctor or the one most capable of nuking the whole sub and everyone in it.)
3. Fully automated subs.
4. Chemical castration of crews, temporary of course.
5. Sterile coed crew (Just have fun, but don't you dare neglect your duties!).
6. Refit sub with double airlock between male and female halves of split crew.
7. Regular sub crew with one female crew member who everyone knows has syphilis. I understand females don't show symptoms?

I plan to post a picture for this later as well. AND NOW I KNOW HOW TO PUT IT IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

HAIRY FORGOT! This cartoon by Herr D
on, rights reserved.

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