Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Those Unqualified To Quarrel

Here is one example of both sides being told to go home, not practicing what they preach. Their 'memory sticks' glow a different color than their ambient color, which represents the stand they are taking in the debate. Give credit as if not copying your photo.

I made this, as I make most of my digital art, on Heromachine.com. It's a fantastic illustration tool--I highly recommend it. Jeff, the creator and owner recently started making even more improvements, and the community, should you become a member (not necessary for use,) is one of the best groups I've ever encountered.

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  1. Ah. SHELOB! This is where to post follow-up pix. I must have misunderstood procedure. No responses to this issue, as yet. I guess most humans don't refuse to argue in the same manner.

    SHELOB: You certain of self-editing?

    Absolutely. In the terms of use, Google proclaimed we retain our intellectual property. As we have not explicitly granted knowledge of future or alien species to them, this BLOGGING software won't show anything to the humans that we didn't install. It must be very well written. It's very long and covers EVERYTHING. Even possibilities that aren't necessarily REAL.

    SHELOB: Proof?

    Oh, humans don't believe in magic, for example. At least most of them don't. But they have software to DETECT magic. It's called 'Spell Check' and comes standard with most software being developed now.

    SHELOB: Preliminary evidence says 'Spell Check' common. Please continue. Perhaps new question?

    Y-yeah. Hmmmmm.