Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vacation Photos

Recreation for 'Hairy' using Heromachine3 of a UB photo of
Aelihoh during a foggy moonrise featuring 'Winn,' one of the
few local sunpriest plants who talks about harmful tourism.
Hairy forgot: recreation FOR Hairy BY Herr D, hm3, rights

I knew this guy once who was becoming a forestry ranger. I asked him where he'd go to get away from it all. He gave me the most awful glare. What is it about going anywhere that you don't normally go that makes it a vacation? Is it more that you don't like living where you have to live or more that other places have opportunities to do things that you can't do where you live?

For me a vacation is working less, having fewer ideas, and traveling less. Rarely do I do MORE of anything except sleep and eat tastier food. How about you guys?

Vacation photos are their own odd topic. On finding out that a one-hour photo place did life-size enlargements, I, impressed, offered to bring in some shots of the Grand Canyon. Would you believe that clerk threw part of a display at me? She yelled rather loudly, too.

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