Thursday, April 10, 2014

Extra Spins And Extra Salt, No Starch Or Soap, Please!

Outing 'toonified by Herr D, with laundromat
background made by the frabjous JR19579 on
 heromachine3. I'm pretty sure Herr D thought
I was kidding, at first.-Hairy Deewon              .

I was reading this website complaining about how expensive it is to entertain kids. Really, if you're not determined to do what everyone else is doing, and you've explained money to your kids, there ARE some low-cost alternatives to a few hundred bucks for a Chuck E. Cheese party or a thousand for an aquarium truck to take you to a marina ex-dolphin training park.

I'm sure many of you have great moments like mine of 'chase the fish,' or 'bubble-herding,' and remember getting in trouble for breaking coral with shards of aa, if you lived near tropical places. What was your favorite game that cost nothing when you were little?  

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