Monday, April 7, 2014

Have A Corona

Picture of coronal glare blocking out stars. The
interference of light with light and other energy
is a very complicated thing.      EDIT: HAIRY  
HERR D, RIGHTS RESERVED.                        

I've been looking at the idea of being famous. It seems like a very destructive sort of thing. I'd like you to imagine a society where everyone is so smart that no one cares who has the new ideas. Because anyone can have an idea, and everyone can recognize an idea's value. Patents and copyrights exist for them too, because it takes work to develop ideas. The biggest advantage is that no good ideas are ignored because of who has them.

I've been talking to a friend who has had his ideas ignored, duplicated later, and credited to others. This doesn't just strike me as grossly unfair, it also strikes me as evidence of gross stupidity. How can anyone who hears an idea give it more or less credit based on who blurts it out? That seems even more ridiculous than basing your opinion about a person on their clothes. Joe Bloe could've just had an acoustic tile fall on him or gotten splashed by red paint aimed at someone next to him wearing fur. He could have been misinformed about how to dress--oh, just name it. Clothes can be changed easily, but people have a hard time changing themselves. And con men will always dress how you think they should.

How many of you have had your light overshadowed, eclipsed, inadvertently used to eclipse others? Has anything positive ever happened as a result of such "shallowness?"

That's a funny word, 'shallow.' People use it to mean an inability to 'go deep' into themselves and others. Where I'm from it means you're not hiding information from outsiders. You all call that transparency, which also seems backward to me.

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