Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In Case You Were Wondering . . .

Shelob pinged me to remind me that I haven't introduced my primary graphic artist. Herr D has a unique fit with my sense of humor, and has consented to compose, ghost-compose, 'de-realize' and assist in 'de-realizing' photos and allow me to find new contexts for his work from time to time. He has told me that he won't be insulted if I use more than his work, so other artists who want me to consider using their work for this blog should post a link to their galleries in comments here. This will be for credit only, but perhaps I can help make you a tenth of a percent more famous? I am not at this time accepting anything but stills in this manner.

So, to level the playing field, this is how Herr D convinced me to use his work:

[contact information redacted]Thank you for agreeing to stay in communication. I am very sorry things became more complicated communication-wise, but even employment with a federal contractor can be less than stable. My work based on our interaction has improved my general level of artistry, and so I would love it you could use it in your ongoing projects. I should say that you MUST AT ALL TIMES MAKE YOURSELF SEEM LIKE A HUMAN PRETENDING TO BE AN ALIEN PRETENDING TO BE A HUMAN. You should never allow your alien nature to seem like anything but playfulness. Specifically, it would actually be better if you pretend to just be a human that doesn't feel human. That way the authorities will dismiss everything you do and never interfere. If you would like to provide me with anything that might help me, my family, my friends, the rest of humanity, be it insight into us or how to avoid 'certain things you may have partial knowledge of,' please don't hesitate to tell me please just let me know. I don't require payment from you, though credit should always be given properly, as I don't wish to be connected with plagarism in any form. You are correct in that humans as a group react badly to new situations. Maybe you could start a blog? That would keep things individual and [remaining content redacted]

So, it was a GOOD idea of his, me starting this blog. Hopefully you all will help me complete my self-education, and maybe some of you will enjoy yourselves, or learn something, or get a tenth of a percent more famous along the way!

Have you assisted Herr D with employment?

Yyyy-ummmh . . .  I TRIED  to help him . . . I 'suggested' some responses to him in that one job interview. The interviewer seemed excited at first, but it turned out to be fear. I've no idea why.

Perhaps 'suggest' someone hire him?

You know that's unethical, Shelob. He asked for my help, not them. If people don't hire him, they're making a bad choice. Their companies should just do worse without him. I wish I could help him--obviously I'm not able to. Have you finished clearing the antennae? The silt's been REALLY B [Error: transmission interrupted]

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