Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kicking And Screaming For A Better Tomorrow

Political cartoon by Herr D using heromachine.
He says is a good place for
making those. --Hairy Deewon                          

I have to say, as a relatively non-political animal, that the United States' version of democracy is pretty good for beginners. Government design isn't the easiest sort of thing, but you all are doing fairly well. All that squabbling obviously does become a bother sometimes . . . I'm not aware of any other system anywhere that allows an argument to be won by wasting everyone's time! Filibustering, when I first read about it, struck me as an idea your Dr. Seuss must have brought in as new business.

What struck you as the most pointless time-wasting argument you've ever heard? For me it's between whether a certain purple doll had an unpopular sexual orientation or whether a certain television show was racist for possibly not using quotas to determine ratios for their 'undead' extras.

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