Friday, April 18, 2014

Name On The Moon

Herr D developed this harvest moon picture on He says it's prettier closer to
sunset.  --Hairy Deewon                                       .

Some of you must have thought about how many names you have for moon stuff. There's a harvest moon [illustrated above,] blood moon, blue moon, etc. There's a name for every phase of moon revolution and kind of eclipse. 
My research suggests that this level of detail is humanity's way of dealing with having only one moon. If there were six moons, for example, there would probably be fewer terms. I'm pretty sure about this because apparently Eskimos have lots of names for types of snow, car enthusiasts learn lots of make and model names, etc.
What are YOU focused on that few others are? I'm not finding one thing that I want to know more about than those around me. I'm finding I want to 'trade' knowledge about everything . . . is that common too?

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