Monday, April 14, 2014

So Much For A Day Of Rest!

With Herr D's guidance, I did this one myself! I'd
say this is about what I saw. This one picture you 
may consider public domain. I'm sure any artist 
could do at least this well. --Hairy Deewon      .

On advice, I decided to do something restful while observing others on their day of rest. I've been incommunicado, therefore, for almost thirty hours while I hung out in an octopus tank at a local aquarium. My makeup didn't even run, which was nice, because it was a PAIN to put on! As near as I can tell, I got so tired doing method acting that I started having saccades after just a few hours.

Saccades is uncommon word. So is aquarium.

Oh, sorry. Saccades are involuntary muscle spasms of the eye, causing blurry vision and 'jiggling' scenery. An aquarium is a zoo for marine species. My question of the day is: How do you feel about people who come into a restful place and ruin the mood by running, shouting, etc.? They make me feel sad.

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