Friday, April 4, 2014

Sometimes We Just Need A Laugh

Cartoon by Herr D developed on
HM3. He says that object in front
is a bathroom sink.                         

Let me just say that springtime runoff on the western Atlantic coastal shelf near the Potomac shipyards ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. 

Location wise to publish?

What? Oh. The software will translate it. People have basements, properties with erosion, etc. I need to be clear here just in case the metaphor the software chooses gets some odd responses.

No responses logged. Recheck?

Uh, yeah, Shelob--why don't you crawl through that and make sure people can respond . . . 

ALL RIGHT! Today's question. That moment when things go badly? Do you tend to anger or sadness before you can laugh again? Personally I haven't noticed so much as a pattern for myself. Done both a lot. These days I think I've gotten faster at finding a more functional center or laughter, but I think knowing a bit more about my tendencies would be productive. So if you get too much earth water messing up your home, does it anger or depress you?

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