Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Minds That Fry

Herr D said this is how his job hunting is going.
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From what I can gather, a lot of hu- uh . . . a lot of people define themselves by their occupation. This seems very unwise to me. I understand that Colonel Sanders was an absolute disaster in business several times before KFC was created and made him rich. Further, the person I know best in this world is unemployed, and he is definitely not a nothing. I'd like to take a moment to thank him here, for the twenty hours of physical labor that I can't possibly pay him for and all the graphics he's done for me. If it wasn't for him, I couldn't be visible here, and I might've had to MOVE. Without being an IT guy or a sailor, he was all the help I needed. Not many people would help an alien they haven't even seen personally dig out his underwater radio modem, sample the sand, make test batches of various kinds of mortar, help design a screen, boat and drive to fetch supplies to fix my roof, AND buy me some aquarium tank algae to help fight the stagnation in my sitting room!

Acknowledge negative also?

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Shelob. Look, people, I KNOW it's inconvenient to keep your stinky garbage in your boats till you reach a garbage scow, but I don't vomit kelp on YOUR windows and electric meters. And I don't take any stagnant water I find and dump it your backyard swimming pools. AND I don't play fast and loose with destroying your retaining walls and condo foundations. Be a good neighbor, okay?

Question you wish answered.

[looks back over interpretive screen, confused] Right. 

How many of you have found out about a wrong person being hired for a job? You, someone instead of you, people you just know shouldn't have had the job they had, etc. Herr D told me that where he grew up, he occasionally was paid cash by new hires (hired instead of him) to teach them more about their jobs. The cash was apparently the difference between paying his bills on time or not, and it was because he was in situations like having two part-time jobs that didn't pay enough. Something Herr D and I have in common is that neither of us have had a job that could define us. Work is too boring and we master the various skills far too quickly. Also, HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER MET SOMEONE WHO WAS THE PERFECT FIT FOR A JOB? I don't mean they did well. I mean, someone who WAS the job. 

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