Monday, April 28, 2014

Dance Off Star

"This is a shot from round 27 of a local dance-off. Zobey makes a twisting thirty-foot 'jetais' toward the next glowing panel. Zobey is one of a three-armed, three-legged, three-eyed, three-gendered species. They always do well in these competitions--the name doesn't translate well, but it's essentially like 'Dance, Dance, Revolution' in a free-form, basketball-court-sized stadium.

The light bill per round could run a city block for a day."

I must say, Herr D did a very good likeness of this particular photo. I fuzzed it enough that he had to guess at color. Ironically he did better at color than shape of the skull--Herr D went for a more twisty shape instead of gnarled and knobbly. I'd have to put that down as artistic license, because it fits thematically. The calculations for electricity were to the nearest ten megawatts by my calculations, and the stadium and sport description were compared by he and I. Some panel numbers are differentiated by ultraviolet, which wouldn't show anyway with this medium.

I gotta know, are there any sports heroes that AREN'T celebrated on the net? It looks like they're pretty well covered. Is there anything you think should be all over the net that isn't? I'd like to see more emotional issue polls concerning art. How about you?

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