Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Those Hallowed Behinds

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With all the clear and insightful talk on mainstream media about how we shouldn't reward people based on their looks, and with all the messages about how peoples' self-images become damaged when compared constantly to examples of the extremely attractive, I AM SHOCKED AT THE CONTINUING PRESENCE OF THESE SIGNS. Observe the standard stick figure with the halo around it's behind!

I do understand that the posterior can be a beautiful thing, how could anyone NOT know that? All over the internet are references, pictures, and, from the titles, entire blogs on the subject! But the human race has got to stop constantly rewarding people for their appearances. 

Name alternative.

Nn? Oh, right. Shelob showed me a behaviorism text during the last high tide. It says that "behavior replacement is the best method of specific behavior elimination," or something like that. So . . . Gee. Reward people for treating you well? That should be simple enough.


Thank you, yes. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you that you're sure they didn't enjoy? For me it was someone I didn't know saving my life. He did it by hitting me and yelling at me to get out. He was bleeding to death, couldn't move or feel half his body, and the structure was on fire. I was sore and injured from my feeble attempts to get him out, dizzy and nauseous because of the fire, and confused enough that I almost went further in instead of out.

I lived to regret another day because of him. He made the right choice--I wasn't going to be able to get him out, even with such broken materials around that I tried to use as levers. I required minimal medical attention, even as close as I came to dying . . . I think about him fairly often, wondering what made him able to do what he did. I get the idea most would have killed me by keeping me there. I was truly lucky that the one I tried to save saved me, and I hope that I can someday be so equitable to the universe at large.

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