Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"We All Wear Masks"

Herr D consented to remake this picture in
hm3, though he thought the original was a 
lot more REALISTIC.               haha--H.D. 

The Earth Dweller Growth-Analogue Repository suit or EDGAR suit is a great way to walk among you up there, but I had a bit of bad luck with one last year. I've heard a lot about gun control in my time here, but in America no one ever thinks twice about baseball bats! Will muggers never cease?

I must confess I'm a bit confused. Wouldn't tracker chips on firearms be less invasive? If the gun goes off or someone tries to tamper with them, they send a GPS signal straight to 911? It's my understanding that that might simplify any paperwork. Want to sell your gun? Whoever buys pays you for their background check. You sign over the title to the gun like you can a car. Purchaser is responsible for obtaining licensing and updating the records. A tracker chip would weigh, what, a centigram? Every decade or so when they might wear out, they would be 'pinged' and the active e-mail on record would send a notification for chip check and oh yeah--take it to be cleaned why don't you, and do you have a gun safe?

How does that sound?

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