Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Be Jammin'

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Normally the tides keep me on a schedule, but Herr D woke me early today to introduce me to late night radio. . . .Wait . . . . No, I'm sure he said that. 
When the world is rotated just right, and any bio-rhythms you may have have you feeling fuzzier than moonlight through a moderately silted riptide, some radio stations pull out their best, least commercial music, put a little more rasp in their voice and say more suggestive sweet nothings over the airwaves. Then, as obligated, they put on one of those commercials that sound really, really embarrassing. 
I am grateful to have that one mystery solved for me. I wondered how people advertised products that make people embarrassed. This way does sound like the most successful way, as long as no one is embarrassed about an inability to stay awake. I assume narcolepsy products will be advertised on those speed metal stations?
I sometimes miss my days with W-H-A-T radio out of the Hairbrush Nebula. Comment, if you will, on any job that you regret no longer having.

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