Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whatta Ya In For, Thingamabob?

Herr D created this on hm3.
Not a great likeness of me ...

I'm afraid I may have gotten someone in trouble at the aquarium. I DID borrow a mop to clean up my exit route . . . maybe I forgot to put something back like I left it, or maybe they found where I erased the security footage of me coming in and out? I thought Shelob did a good job of smoothing things over. Anyhow, I can't be doing that again. Apparently they've been investigating where I've been, so I need to stay down here for a while. Uh . . . 
So, as a purely hypothetical question, what kind of brig would a taxonomically-confusing alien be put in for impersonating an octopus in an aquarium? And what charges would there be besides trespassing?

Brigs on boats. Jails on land. Translation error.

Oh! What kind of jail, then? (Thanks, Shelob.)

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