Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Letdown Of A So-called Leader

Well, Puddinhead Putin has done it again, huh? "Don't mess with us, we've got nukes." Gee. I guess he doesn't think NATO or the UN has the authority to suspend any in-house privileges or make any sanctions or encourage anyone to stop trading with them or vote to hold a seat for Ukraine against his wishes? I guess he doesn't know that by now, five to seven nations in the world each individually have the capacity to destroy all of his nukes with less 'collateral damage' than Chernobyl?

"General Mayhem's Mistake" by Herr D, rights
reserved, made on idea of
a weapon that can tell you the best reasons not to
use it is kind of advanced. --Hairy Deewon           
I mean, he's not dopey enough to make EVERYONE hate him like Isis, but come on. How hard could it be for the EU or the World Bank or anyone with authority over world currency to devalue their money? If they don't value the sovereignty of others, why does anyone value anything of theirs?

What would be the easiest, most convenient way to put out Putin?

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