Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good And Hard

"Clownfish" by Herr D, rights reserved, produced on heromachine.
com. I like! --Hairy Deewon                                                           
I have no bones to pick with anyone. I have no bones.  about how they should be as a group. Stereotyping sometimes baffles me, though. I know I'm not hu--

No specific declarations on said topic.

Stupid gag order. Uh . . . here's a theoretical question for you. Of all the possible anatomies for a sentient species, would invertebrates have an advantage in tending not to be bigoted or closed-minded in other ways? I HAVE been working on the theory that bones cause subconscious "stiffnesses" in thought processes where it can't help. I thought that's where the word 'bonehead' came from. Hardheadedness has no place in deciding how other beings are based on inconclusive evidence. Thinking should always be as flexible as a tentacle with just as good a grip on reality.

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