Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make Us Proud Again

"Expiration Date" by Herr D, rights reserved.
I've been looking at these nonsensical practices of planned obsolescence and deliberate fragility and proprietary attachments. Doesn't anybody know that those are BAD ideas?

Plan apparently to monopolize customers.

Oh, so the idea is to strangle capitalistic tendencies by forcing customer loyalty?

Therefore insuring more income.

Well how conniving. Such behaviors are as subtly destructive as corporate waste to an economy. Any true leader of industry should simply do better than his competitors so that everyone would rather buy their products, but only about 3/4 of the population can afford them. There's plenty of population left to be fought over and not everyone buys the best.

Example for demonstration?

Right. The one I picked is graphically great but-- well? Creation of a galaxy is above your pay grade, but it stands to reason that creating galaxies that last for the life of the contained species would inspire a lot more gratitude and loyalty than creating one that collapsed around them.

Oh, let's talk houses. Let's say you live in a trailer park and a tornado hits. You move to another trailer park and that one gets hit twelve times. You know somebody that bought a house that got hit by the third tornado and lost the garage, the back porch, the driveway, and part of the roof.

Even if the house was destroyed, the basement likely would still be usable and the foundation would probably be a good starting point for another house. If you were in your trailer--

You would die.

Okay. I guess that's not a great example. But do you understand? Someone can always make something a little cheaper and inferior. People can buy the absolute junk or go broke--life is full of gambles and trade-offs. Trying to rig the game is always just making it worse for everyone in a selfish attempt at a shortcut. MAKE US PROUD OF YOU AGAIN.

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