Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Missed Miss' Missives' Mission

I did this on Mr. Green was pre-made.
So there's snail mail, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, skyping, phone, fax, and--

which one did I leave out?


Yeah, okay; but that's the point I was making. It looks like there are a cumbersome number of communication methods. I started to look through one single recently deceased person's communications and got too involved. I missed Labor Day yesterday.

Labor Day was the day before yesterday.

What?! *&^%$! That late administrative assistant typed more each hour than I ever have in a single blog entry. E-mail and other media were checked five to seven times an hour and updated. I'm beginning to see why she died of heart failure . . . how does anything get done if all you do is talk about what's being done?

Bulk analysis suggests that her entire role with the company was summation and reporting of other peoples' labor.

. . . yowza. I missed the whole point of her job? Wow . . . anyone feel free to point out something else I've missed. [disconnect]

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