Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oxymorons, Anachronisms, And Mysterious Moans

Herr D made "Lona Tull" on, rights reserved. The crab swimsuit and seahorse shoes really caught my eye. Clever!--Hairy Deewon.
I've been looking more at what people emulate and misplace. The above picture is of clothing emulating sea creatures. The species don't belong there or look exactly like that, but it's a cool effect. Herr D tells me he tried once to take a picture of a woman dressed in Renaissance Festival gear carrying a basket of produce against a background of aged-looking stonework with a water fountain in one corner. Same sort of thing. There's a website for a place I might check out if I go that far inland called where resin sculptures of beasties from yore 'live.' Probably less than eighty feet from a few Toyotas. I 'traveled' recently to find a genuine streetcar (mostly gone) on the sea floor off the coast of California . . .

I've just been thinking what other structures I'd like to see on the sea floor.

The Playboy Mansion, from recent, longer web searches.

HEY. That was research!

Did you discover purpose of mysterious moaning?

[Base of largest blue tentacle turns dark green] Uhhhh. I'm working on it?

Returning you to research mode--


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