Monday, September 15, 2014

Rain Tax -- Gray Water Exception?

"Gray Water," Herr D, When I asked him about rights on this,
 he said, "Spread it around; no one should have exclusive rights to this!" --I
 would have to agree with that. --Hairy Deewon                                                  
I had a small argument with Herr D today about this picture. I told him I thought the green in the barrel was emphasizing toxicity. He said it's a color that makes most people think of money.

His references to stereotypes about color were -- colorful.

Ha! Well put, Shelob. He said that neon glowing green would be his choice for obviously toxic waste. In the end, he does know stereotypes better than me.

Shelob put me on this topic because of the arguments in Maryland about the so-called 'rain tax.' I have to know, because I couldn't find out any other way--             Is there a 'gray water' exception? The problem is runoff. If people deal with it properly, then maybe they shouldn't pay it. The newsfeeds Shelob prepared didn't mention it, and I'm not going to hack into the legal code.

I asked Herr D to illustrate how easy it is to make a gray water assembly from a roof. He says he's made a few for clients out of old water tanks and used barrels. He says that any old garden hose with leaks can be drilled with a good drill bit and 'mashed into the hole in a barrel.'

 I guess if you don't make the right size hole you should use concrete or mortar to seal around the hose.

Gray water kits are available through various merchants.

Sure they are! But if you don't want to be paying taxes, I would assume you don't mind borrowing a few tools and picking up some trashable odds and ends instead of buying something outright. Besides, then you don't also have to pay for the water to water your lawn as often. I CAN say from experience--


I can say from, uh, my preliminary research, that the runoff from Maryland doesn't taste as good to . . . the fish and plankton as the runoff from Virginia except for a few small properties I've turned in anonymously to the authorities already. Will that do, Shelob?


Okay. Question for the day. Who's done gray water stuff before, what sort of plants shouldn't you water with them (Shelob couldn't find any,) and is there a gray water exception to the rain tax?

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