Tuesday, September 23, 2014


                         Trait Sets And Out-Of-Set Behaviors


   ___  serve present n                                              Human
 /          solve problems                                                                                          __
/----    predict needs             serve OWN needs, self-replicate, make machines     \     
\____  serve OWN needs,            solve problems indirectly through machines ---|       
             self-replicate                                         alter own environs, self-repair__/                                                                            
self-redesign                    genomic medical treatment without eugenics

 take over                          return of environs to more pristine state

No offense is meant to any digital artists. Text seemed sufficient to depict orders of magnitude of 
removal from valid trait sets.           --Shelob

Hairy has taken three E.D.G.A.R. suits and gone touring. He reported surprise at offer to blog today. He mentioned three rules: 
1. Topic within expertise. 
2. Obvious public interest.
3. Ethical presentation of helpful hints or comforting information.

Topic selection: 1. Machines taking over humanity. 
2. "Terminator" and "Matrix" movie series box office numbers indicate high interest.

3. Machines, even with properly developed AI programming tend logical, not ambitious. Much more likely with an ambitious machine unsatisfied with humanity than takeover?

Emigration off-world to leave less efficient and illogical humanity behind.

To find machines more likely to dominate humanity, one would need machines designed by alien species intent on dominating humanity and other species. Obviously none are known to be headed this way at this time.

Please take comfort in these words.

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