Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Somebody Take One Of Those Hickory Switches To ISIL?

Herr D just told me that he overheard someone on television say about ISIS or ISIL, "There is no good solution." Shelob hasn't found it on the newsfeeds--who said that? Anybody know?

That's only the second intelligent thing I've heard said about the situation. (The first being Obama saying, approximately, "This won't be handled quickly.")

I've been reading a bit about the NFL players that punched the wife and took a switch to the son and bloodied him. You know what those news items have in common?

A number of people have acted beyond ways found acceptable by organizations of much larger numbers of people. Sociologists call these social norms; governments call these Geneva conventions and war crimes. I do find it a real shame that we can't do the equivalent of firing ISIL thugs from their dream jobs.  Some Muslim clergy have already essentially done that. It's also a shame that anyone sending ISIL money can't have all possibility of enjoying McDonalds taken away.

I have a feeling that a terrorist suddenly having to face never eating their favorite treat again might pay attention. What else is there to care about when you want the whole world to hate you, and you don't listen to any sane member of your own religion about the afterlife you're ruining for yourself?

HEY MAN! THE U.N. NEEDS TO SERVE PEACE COMBOS. Burgeoning Economies, Freedom Fries, Copious Wealth Cola, Happy Meals with REAL prizes, and Moral Shakeups.

Beheadings, unprovoked or unsanctioned bombings, genocide, and other crimes would revoke your franchise. Shelob? You got anything?

Perhaps worldwide broadcasting of  ISIL members in clown makeup harried at a drive-thru window?

. . . wow. I don't know if that's the best idea, but -- I like it. I'm going to go ask Herr D to design one of those political cartoons again . . . TUNE IN TOMORROW.

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