Friday, September 12, 2014

Time Travel Backwards? Well, Industry Is . . .

Herr D,, rights reserved. Set
on a false premise, but not bad! --Hairy Deewon
Herr D had this notion that telepathy should only be possible to an earlier version of your own brain, kind of like moving working files to an earlier version of a software package might still work. Organically that would have to be backwards, because synaptically vital 'code' wouldn't be there earlier but would be later. Still, not too bad a theory for someone who's no experience with time travel math or advanced neurobiology. Worthy attempt, man!

According to an article posted recently online, researchers have strung together an EEG device feeding info through the net to an output device that flashes lights at an observer. The article says that a vague message has been passed with success. If that's true, then fuzzy logic or this 'telepathic enabler' device will only have to progress two to three orders of magnitude closer before that movie Firefox will become possible. It won't happen, bu I don't, uh, forsee success in the near future, but, interesting progress, right?

Your tech is coming along great. Just, uh, watch those byproducts, okay?

How many people can come up with irrational moves industries have made? One example is that more miners of fossil fuels die in accidents about every four years than have ever died of accidental radiation combined.

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