Thursday, December 4, 2014

Art Appreciation In Hairy's Absence

[mechanical whirring interrupted by persistent beeping]

It is time to resume blog. Hairy has still not reported in. Scheduled topic: diversion. 

In situ causing stress, attempt to self-entertain in moderation. For example: Shelob has access to Herr D's recent artwork. Herr D composed text block earlier today. Presenting:

The Fairy Tale Conundrum by Herr D

Type 'A's are under the impression that the squeaky wheel JUST gets the grease. That's not true, but squeaky wheels are easily fooled. All a squeaky wheel sees is shiny metal feet, all it hears is a jolly voice and its own squeaking. If a squeaky wheel HAD a sense of smell, it would be just as overpowered by its own stench as everyone else is. 
The oil can is not being held by some jolly Tin Woodsman with brave, wise, and loyal friends, ready to make a wheel's paradise. Those shiny metal feet are just boots worn by a witch. The wheel isn't squeaky because it wasn't cared for properly; it's squeaky because it ground up some of the salt of the earth. The salt of the earth wasn't ground up because it was underfoot. It was ground up because the wheel aches. The wheel aches because of the axle. You know what the axle is, right? A thick metal shaft?
One witch or another gave the wheel the shaft quite some time ago. That's the reason the wheel aches. That's the underlying reason the wheel squeaks. Of course, the grease is all under the control of the witch. Any grain of salt revealing by reflection this illusion is ground up immediately. Why would a witch act in these ways? To build a cart. A cart for carrying baking supplies. Baking supplies to build a gingerbread house. A house to trap children. Children to be ground down into salt.
Why should the wheel care about the salt of the earth or the children it came from?
Not because the children are so special. There are lots of them. 
Not because the witch uses the wheel to grind up the salt.
The reason is that when the wheel has ground up enough salt, and the witch has lubed up the wheel to unknowingly take the shaft a while longer, and the witch has reached down with a shiny-gloved hand and shook a finger at the ground-up salt for allowing the wheel to think the squeaking wasn't delightful music as it was being ground up, the following happens: 

The wheel is yanked out, bent in half, ground into the salt under those shiny boots. The salt explains, as the wheel dies, what's been going on. Then the wheel, under the path, gets stepped on by more children that would rather have had those circles for teddy bear eyes, to hug and cuddle with, than to have them as wheels. That's the truest tragedy here. The children are giants, who would stomp the witches and flavor them with salt if they were allowed.

Uncertain of meaning. Please comment on your opinions. Thank you. [disconnect]

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