Monday, December 8, 2014

Autoblog Again--Hairy, Please Check Neuralink

[beeping] Hairy has not contacted Shelob as yet. Please, fans, continue FindHairy Protocol until further notice.

Autoblog topic today is waste. 

1. Marketing companies have been sending large numbers of e-mails and other communications to clients declaring that their ad designs are more attractive than various other things. 

2. Various retailers have reported purchasing large quantities of "wrapping paper," which is designed and manufactured to make gift boxes more attractive.

3. Analyses of waste management companies conclude that large amounts of wrapping paper are disposed of every year after Christmas and that larger amounts of ads are disposed of in December than many other months of the year.

Since the ads are more attractive than the wrapping paper, use the ads to wrap gifts. This will decrease the need of wrapping paper and therefore decrease the amount of waste per gift-giver.

Who would like to share a holiday trick? 


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