Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Autoblog Continues--Hairy Please Report

[bass whistle for 3.8 seconds] Hairy? [static]

Hairy is incommunicado. If anyone has seen a man with no money looking confused, especially if he appears injured or has forgotten to walk with the knees bending correctly, please inform him that he needs to take better care and ask him if he needs something.

1. Analogically speaking, persistent cyclical precautionary programming is worry. If you have loved ones or charges traveling or engaging in risky behaviors this holiday season, properly treat yourself for stress and communicate this worry content as needed to the proper authority or sympathetic confidential person.

2. Do you have a worry content story from years past to tell that you believe is interesting? Particularly one with a happy ending is welcome.

3. Since programming, Shelob has not experienced absence of Hairy. Certain difficult adjustments must be made at this time to equipment. Thank you. [disconnect]

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