Monday, December 15, 2014

Autoblog Nearing End

Attention, everyone. Hairy has announced that he will return to the lair to continue blogging and take me offline for major maintenance. My programming requires occasional screening to prevent various logical errors from becoming repetitive and more integral, much like atypical experience can result in various biases outside of social norms.

An example collected by Hairy: A man went out drinking, had beer served in a glass, woke up with a hangover. He went out drinking, had whiskey in shot glasses, and woke up with a hangover. He drank wine from a glass bottle the next night and woke up with a hangover. A friend at a party loaned him a snifter full of faux beer and kept refilling it through the evening. The man woke up without a hangover, not realizing he had drank less than 1/70th of the alcohol he was used to.

The man started telling people that glass causes hangovers.

Would any of you care to share an experience that misled you?

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