Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Autoblog On During Hairy's Walkabout

Against medbot advice, Hairy is now out in E.D.G.A.R. suit walking among you. He is observing shopping behaviors, holiday behaviors, behaviors relating to family and lack of family.

Medbot advice was to avoid topic, as family presence is currently impossible. Certain stress levels have been noted.

Current blog instructions allow for topically linked following: 1. Provide constructive advice. 2. Question. 3. Provide sample answer.

1. If family is source of unusual stress, allow for more stress release than originally planned during holiday season.

2. What are some unusual ways you have dealt with stress, familial or otherwise, that you did not expect to work?

3. As Shelob immune to stress, and best calculable equivalent being power surges due to local server overload, seek to ensure power source, damage control, run self-diagnostic, and seek repair where necessary. Translates to humanity as proper diet, seeing doctors as needed, quiet reflection.

--Unexpected success at ensuring power source by temporary control over satellite dish to disable car computer in late model Corolla outside of certain building. Several people on emerging had been observed showing lack of coordination and endangered selves, cars, other people, and utility pole across the street.

This translates analogically to avoiding eating spoiled food or allowing food ruination by other species.

Please profit from good advice and enjoy holiday season.

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