Wednesday, December 31, 2014


[violent splashing] Shelob? What are those colored lights?

Fireworks. New Year's celebration.

Oh. Wait. Give the figures on that--is that accurate? [sixteen second neuralink burst]

. . . Okay . . . Your modern calendar is surprisingly accurate, considering how few adjustments have been made and how early it was designed.


What?! Oh, yes. Our calendar. So yes, this planet is within a few radian of precisely where it should be if the solar system stayed where it were in the galactic rotation and galactic drift and universal expansion and solar system wobble and lunar imbalance and inertial change due to . . . well . . .

It's a good calendar design, Worthy of some customs. Shelob?

New Year's resolutions.

You don't mean revolutions?

No. [sixteen second neuralink burst]

Ohhhhh. Gotta go work on my list, people. Happy New Year! [disconnect]

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