Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Brief Contact Made--Autoblogger Seeking Advice

Hairy has sent e-mail from internet cafe--apparently he is safe for the moment. Explanations are not available. E-mail content reprint as follows:

Shelob? Why would you tell people ads look better than wrapping paper? Don't you know it would only be the ads ABOUT the wrapping paper that would look better than the real thing? Good idea about the waste reduction in general; just, you know--don't get their hopes up about how good it should look. That's the sort of disappointment people have too much of anyway.
The owner of this computer is almost at the head of the coffee line--gotta go.

Hairy [identifier redacted]

His exact location of transmission has been identified. Local digital cameras hacked caught sixteen frames of him leaving the area. He IS remembering to bend the knees correctly.

How do you reward someone for an accomplishment without using material wealth? Please comment. [disconnect]

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