Thursday, December 11, 2014

SneakMail: MIT Lying? People Sticking To Their M.O.s

Hairy has sent an e-mail from a hotel registration desk. Here is reprint:

Hey, Shelob--got a few minites to type . Borrowed a hotel uniform jacket and id and sending out a general "you don't want to know" feeling. Watched some peaceful protesters here in New York as a bonus. I was the guy carrying the sign that said "explain this to me." I was ignored, ridiculed, thanked, praised, and shoved a few times. There were also some contact greetings I didn't know. Somebody called me "little dude" with something approaching affection.

I've also watched some 'news' while in the area. So, Congress is obviously mad that they were tricked into voting for a potentially positive change that can be improved on, that no politician since the one that pushed through Medicaid has been able to accomplish. Who tricked them? That guy Dr. Gruber from MIT. They are obviously targeting him. They got him to say he was sory for saying "the stupidity of the American voter."

He'd better not be sorry for believing the average American voter is stupid compared to him. He works at MIT. HE'D BETTER BELEIVE IT. OTHERWISE HE THINKS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LYING ABOUT MIT FOR A LOOOOOONG TIME.

Obama obviously felt he needed someone brilliant to help trick people into what's better for them. Like any parent who has to trick their child into that first bite of something or into medicine for their illness as candy. Like a guy who knew that if he didn't trick Congress, he wouldn't be able to fulfill his promises about healthcare reform.

Gee, I guess he's acting like a constitutional lawyer?

Nice job 'autoblogging,' overall, Shelob. I'll try to send you something else soon.

Hairy [identifier redacted]

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