Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tolerance By Self-Interruption

[whirring noise in background] Shelob!


I need some more research done.


Various holiday taboos. I'm gonna blog on those. In a time when ISIL and racial injustice protests are a big deal, holidays about peace are the subject we should all focus on a bit more.

A good principle. Focus?

You need to make sure I don't offend anyone with content. Turn on the blog function.


Okay. First off, everyone should explicitly be reminded that lots of different holidays exist and should be celebrated.

Correct. Searching for other taboos. Found.

Go ahead?

Many of the religious groups who celebrate these holidays agree that they have religious meaning and religious significance and follow religious rules.


9% of references explored so far have declarative statements saying that valuing the religious significance requires limiting occupational activity.

Uh. Well I don't have an occupation, so I don't need to limit any activity.

You do. Blogging is your only publicly known activity; therefore--[disconnect]

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