Friday, December 26, 2014


[irritated gill flutter] Okay--SOMEone thought they'd be bright and hack Herr D's home computer again. And an account. I've eliminated the hostile cookies, closed off the doors, and undone the initial damage, but I think next time I should just forward your information, including your REAL information, to the feds along with a reasonable trail. He IS a good artist and all, but I'm not actually responsible for what you do to him. If I owe anyone anything, it's to help the community not have people making things worse.

This is why I didn't want Herr D pretending that I'm based on his computer equipment--I plan on being sensible and sharp-'tongued' enough that the bad guys might tend to target whoever might associate with me. Google might not advertise me out of some empty, well-meaning policy, but I don't intend to falsify or borrow a physical address.

Grow brains enough to do something worthwhile or stick to pure bottom-feeding.

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