Thursday, December 18, 2014

Various Evac-Sickness-Induced Grumblings

[arrhythmic dull clunking noise, retching, odd and foglike blue lights] Shelob? What have you been posting? That telepathic stuff isn't supposed to go up! Why didn't you edit that out? What are you trying to do? Cause a panic? Y-

Uncertain context made for uneven removal. Style match error. People will assume it is fiction.

[sputtering through gills, continuing arrhythmic dull clunking noise] How can you be sure?

Seven quotation categories on web about this blog at this time.

[two pupils dilate] Oooh! What'd they say?

1. Ukrainian translator not working. Try again later.
2. Comment about comments not visible.
3. Random profanity and slang.
4. Complaint about Google: similar--Comment about comments not visible. Accusations.
5. Complaint about Google: similar--Comment about comments not visible. Random profanity and slang.
6. Rough translation: "Crazy American somewhat funny."
7. Rough translation: "Odd fiction--symbolism not understood. Theories?"

So . . . [five eyes blinking] --they think I'm American and are making accusations? Why aren't our comments visible?

 You are closer to America than any other nation or way of thinking. The accusations are against you and Google. Google will not openly advertise this blog without you claiming a verifiable address on land. They apparently keep comments from us as well, if any have been made. Cursory cache examination inconclusive. Various profanities about your previous activities mostly incorrect. References to your parentage mostly unverifiable, and the rest inaccurate. Your sanity unverifiable without current frame of reference to your far-flung species' mental paradigm. Common false conclusion about fiction and symbolism reassuring enough?

We--wh--well that's . . . oh, good grief! Never have a multi-thread conversation with an AI. Help me remember that.


So--NO. It's not enough. Post that I claimed the telepathic stuff was fiction and call it a day, Shelob! I'm probably going to pass out any second n-[loud, lingering gill-snore]

Done. [disconnect]

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