Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Trump Card Played On The GOP?

[recording begins at interruption following] -ide of Trump's remarks being right or wrong to have made?

You mean the ones about Mexico?


[frustrated tentacular gesture-tips only] Shelob, I programmed you with the capability to supersede binary thinking. I've obviously failed. Trump's remarks were exaggerated to the point of foolishness, AND everyone has overreacted. Both sides were wrong. BOTH of them, Shelob. BOTH SIDES WERE WRONG AGAIN.

How did both sides manage to be wrong?

Easily! [gill snort] Both sides are USUALLY wrong in MOST arguments. That's why most arguments aren't really settled. BECAUSE both sides are wrong.

Please explain.

Obviously some people who remain illegal aliens are bad people.

Law enforcement records bear out that point. But yet you say Trump was wrong as well.

Well, he was! He made it sound like the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are horrible people--if that were true, it would be easy to prove, and no one would mind deporting all of them. You've forgotten about camouflage.

The principle of hiding within a larger body or group.

Yes! The only stats we dug up suggest that somewhere between one in twelve and one in six commit multiple felonies. That leaves a clear majority of good people. Of course, Mexico is only doing the same thing the U.S. does--

What's that?

Allowing some of their cagier criminals to cross the border among others. People do that in both directions, right?

[sixteen seconds pass] It appears there is a long tradition of criminals fleeing a government by leaving its jurisdiction.

Exactly! I'm more concerned about the possibility that Trump might try to wreck the GOP so that Hillary would be a shoo-in.

Why would he do that?

Because he's a businessman! He's in there with all those politicians, wrecking the GOP so there'll be a landslide election. That'll bolster the economy better than anything. Trump wins by losing everything to Hillary for the GOP. He's using camouflage better than I ever could!

You are correct. You make a rather unbelievable human.

HEY! Shelob, now--[recording ends]

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