Sunday, November 22, 2015

Database Comments Very Strange . . .

[recorded segment begins]

--that's not right! Trump shouldn't be criticized for THAT--

For being in favor of putting Muslim people on databases?

Well, NO. He should be outed for being an idiot, outed for being crude and incapable. Outed for going bankrupt four times. Outed for being unusually insensitive to the feelings of others. Outed for declaring he is willing to violate U.N. regs to waterboard. Outed for being someone most people couldn't look up to as a leader . . .

Why is this particular stance exempt from ridicule?

Those already exist. There's a database for EVERYTHING. There are several databases listing Zydeco musicians' availability. There are over 50,000 databases of cat pictures found on fully categorized internet sources. There are cookbook databases and fingernail clipper style databases and insurance package databases and databases cataloguing blue-eyed people . . . There are some 40 databases currently findable on the web of how many BOOGERS were picked out of individual noses!

 These databases are easily accessible.

Well, sure! Mosques sometimes have membership lists that can frequently be easily hacked. Holy men are frequently not above keeping lists of who they should look in on among their followers. Calendars, appointment books, address books, PDAs, you name it!

So your stance is that Trump should only be ridiculed fairly?

Right! Can you autoblog about this?

Yes. [recorded segment ends]

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ISIL LOST AGAIN! Leiris Is The Smartest Man To Comment On ISILosers Yet

I thought Dr. Carson was almost on point when he declared that we need to point out to the world what losers ISIL is made of. Nihilism? Really? Even Congress draws their salary when they pick up their marbles and go home angry over not accomplishing what they want. And they live in the only part of Virginia where people are so stupid that the non-emergency lines at the police stations get phone calls declaring the need to move the deer crossings. Because if the deer cross there, they'll get hit, right?

Then I read about Leiris.

Helene Muyal-Leiris died in the cowardly attacks on innocent victims in Paris, France. Left behind a baby and her husband. I'm not that good at reading French, but I'm sure someone is willing to translate it for anyone willing to read it. (Took me an hour to be sure I got the gist.)

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that these are terrorists. If we don't live in fear or hatred, but go about living as joyfully as we can, THEY LOSE.

 For pity's sake! Why aren't all the radio towers around Iraq blasting every frequency with recordings of all the festivals happening all over the world? We're not talking Radio Free; we're talking Radio Squeal With Delight! Show those losers what a party the REST of us can have now that they're going to blow themselves up and take 1/1,000,000th of the population with them! Everyone surviving them WILL BE HAPPIER WITHOUT THEM.

That IS most of the world, after all . . . I'm gonna go play my favorite game now.

[goofy, carefree victory dance]

Friday, November 6, 2015

Breaking Silence To Heal The Sick

[breaking medbot's security protocol to access blog function] . . . just figures. Christie was disallowed from the Republican debate right after making one of the few truly presidential speeches he's ever made.

About mental illness?

[double take] Uh, right. I forgot you were listening. Social stigma are always the enemy of positive, pragmatic leadership. I'm recalling some input I got from Herr D for a quick review of the issue. Context check module?


Blog function?


 [approximate recreation] So, Herr D, why did you volunteer with the mentally ill?

[ccm: excerpts from chat dating back to 2013]
I had a relative with a condition. My relative was a good person and deserved more help than was available. Volunteering was something  I could do to make up the slack. 

What did you learn while volunteering? You're not one to single-task.

Every job IS for learning. I learned that mental illness can  be improved just by socializing with consumers without showing obvious fear. 

 . . . and that's important in recent history.

That became important at Virginia Tech. I never found out how many of us signed the document we submitted to that office in West Eggleston Hall, where the Housing office was located at that time. It would have been more than a dozen but less than fifty. We told them in '93 that moving to a keycard system  or other non-personalized system would be a bad thing. 

 So you made a difference?

Unfortunately, the guy who presented the document for us was told that we had an obvious conflict of interest and wouldn't be listened to. The student security jobs that were being eliminated were ours to lose. 

 I'm sorry you didn't feel like you accomplished anything. I don't guess you have any proof of this?

Not proof, exactly. Just every competent clinician would say that live security from a peer group might have made a difference. --And my shirts. We wore these blue uniform t-shirts that said "UUSA" for University Union of Student Activities. If we'd been wrong, there'd be a bullet hole in one of mine, maybe. Because we'd been sure that criminal or insane acts would be partially prevented by live security in ways that machines can't. Anyhow, following the Tech shooting, no one would've been interested in a bunch of alumni blurting out 'we told you so,' and it wouldn't have helped bring anyone back. 

No. This isn't the only thing you've done related to this issue, is it?

No. After the Columbine shooting I sent a letter to the White House. It suggested that any incident of a minor's shooting spree or  similar crime be followed by two things: investigation of the minor's history for the possibility of child abuse, and, if discovered, that the abusers be charged with reckless endangerment of the public at large.

Well, that makes sense. Did it result in anything?

 I have to say the reply was underwhelming. They promised me an autographed picture of the president. It never came, so . . . 
 [ccm: context maintained--100%]

Yuck. People don't seem to want to talk about it, do anything about it, nothing. I must say, I'm pleased with Herr D's efforts and disappointed with the general lack of responsibility and action taken by the public and its leaders.

Shelob, what are you doing?

You aren't supposed to be blogging. medbot will need a workup. 

This isn't a blog entry! Half this was written by Herr D over a year ago! I just formulated six conversations into one maintaining original context of each part. Oh, order the workup. Health is important. Blog function off--[end transmission]


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Black Ops Shouters Killing Green Party, Giving Hairy The Blues

Herr D regaled me with a story of political hypocrisy about this time a couple of years ago. He said that he has seen the same scene played out twice at different polling places since he's moved around a fair amount and occasionally helped bake sale volunteers carry goods for trustworthy brownies.

Apparently he's known people whose brownies he didn't dare eat?

Oh, well. Anyway, he says that in both cases, an angry young man came around to the tables where volunteers hand out sample ballots. The angry young man took one or more ballots from one or both tables. The angry young man loudly declared that everyone should do as he did and vote only for the Green Party.

Then the angry young man ruined the sample ballots and threw them away.

Obviously that angry young man SHOULD have recycled, if he was serious about the Green Party. Maybe it was a prank by someone who doesn't really vote that way? Maybe it was just a loon? Maybe Herr D missed something important about the scenes he witnessed.

I'm gonna go ahead and declare a name for the phenomenon. 'Black Ops Shouter,' or BOS. Obviously, someone attempting a clandestine operation shouldn't shout. I think this name should properly reflect how the most vocal person of a cause sometimes does a cause damage rather than helping. Sometimes this can happen because someone is a loon. Or a control freak in an already well-handled situation.

There was this show called "Bullshit!" I recently outstreamed where these two guys named Penn and Teller circulated a petition to ban dihydrogen oxide at a 'green' event. Those people banned water.

I'm gonna declare that we need to find all the craziest people we can and get them to say we should pollute more. Maybe that will make up for some of the damage done. Isn't that what we need? For crazy people to actually want something CRAZY?!