Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ISIL LOST AGAIN! Leiris Is The Smartest Man To Comment On ISILosers Yet

I thought Dr. Carson was almost on point when he declared that we need to point out to the world what losers ISIL is made of. Nihilism? Really? Even Congress draws their salary when they pick up their marbles and go home angry over not accomplishing what they want. And they live in the only part of Virginia where people are so stupid that the non-emergency lines at the police stations get phone calls declaring the need to move the deer crossings. Because if the deer cross there, they'll get hit, right?

Then I read about Leiris.

Helene Muyal-Leiris died in the cowardly attacks on innocent victims in Paris, France. Left behind a baby and her husband. I'm not that good at reading French, but I'm sure someone is willing to translate it for anyone willing to read it. (Took me an hour to be sure I got the gist.)

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that these are terrorists. If we don't live in fear or hatred, but go about living as joyfully as we can, THEY LOSE.

 For pity's sake! Why aren't all the radio towers around Iraq blasting every frequency with recordings of all the festivals happening all over the world? We're not talking Radio Free; we're talking Radio Squeal With Delight! Show those losers what a party the REST of us can have now that they're going to blow themselves up and take 1/1,000,000th of the population with them! Everyone surviving them WILL BE HAPPIER WITHOUT THEM.

That IS most of the world, after all . . . I'm gonna go play my favorite game now.

[goofy, carefree victory dance]

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