Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ambassa-DON'T? How To Fix THIS Problem . . .

-n! Blog function on!

It is on.

I wasn't sure. This microphone's been acting up. So, I've only got about a minute to ask this question because of the plankton shortage, gotta dive, but it's important. I can't find anything about what kind of budget constraints on international visitation Congress can make or is forced to have. It's time to speculate on the worst possible outcome. Average human intelligence ISN'T that great. If Trump manages to win the presidency by mob mentality turning out to vote, he won't be ABLE to be chief diplomat.

He's possibly being banned from multiple countries. How many millions of dollars would that cost the American people?

Unable to calculate without better-defined parameters.

No, Shelob, I don't want you to calculate it. I want to find out where those rulings cover going off--[transmission ends.]

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