Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Well, We Lost One To ISIL. Because . . .

Did any of you notice the change in tone, the pursed lips, the different sentence structure in the non-planned, not-on-the-teleprompter speaking Obama did between his speeches about ISIL before and during his 'reassurance' speeches that he was stepping up the attacks?

He was disgusted. He was disappointed--

In all those of you who gave in to the panic. In all those of you who didn't remember that you're still more likely to die of poverty or from a corrupt police officer or a race riot or a drunk driver or a deer crossing the road than a lone wolf shooting. Though it IS now slightly more likely that a terrorist will kill you than a bolt of lightning, the truly troubling odds are that you will much more likely suffer from terror in your mind. That would be 100%. So his advisors told him to comfort you all instead of maintaining the message he was correctly sending.

And he fell for it. That was the first true victory for ISIL. Congratulations, voters. You've handed ISIL a victory by being hysterical. You got terrified and let it affect you. Good goin'.

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