Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You Say "Taleo," We Say "The Heave-Ho"

[recorded segment begins] You have not returned Herr D's last message.

Herr D is largely unavailable these days. More computer problems, money problems, etc. It's a shame I can't pay him for all those pics he made me. It was like one a day for nearly a year. I have to understand his frustrations. He's apparently working twice as hard physically, doing work that's a lot more important, and making HALF as much money. [full, five-eye roll]

You are capable of electronic duplication of any financial transaction.

Well, okay, I mean I WON'T pay him since I can't do it legally. [frustrated vibration of tentacles] Sometimes it's really hard to be good. . . especially when those in charge are so unwise.

Herr D's ethics are unwise?

No, I'm not talking about his ethics! Ethics are almost always a wise thing. What is unwise is not hiring someone who would be a good employee while hiring those who AREN'T. Too many people write software that don't do as good a job as they claim.

Herr D writes software?

No, Herr D doesn't . . . well, you know, he used to years ago. He doesn't anymore. No, I mean, the people who write hiring selection software. What they've done is created another set of hurdles to get a job and another barrier between good sense and action for all those hiring.

It's no WONDER the American economy is slow to heal. Businesses are short-cutting the one thing they should NEVER shortcut. Who they are.

Do not understand how embracing new methods undermines core values of employees.

You don't? Who sticks to "core values" and "old-fashioned ethics" and "moral determinism" better? The people who walked door to door in the dry heat with applications when they had to or those who bought new phones every year until they could apply for a job without walking?

You imply that willingness to work and "work ethics" are inseparable and exclusive to a minority of total available workers, untestable by current online methods.

I'm not implying it. I'm pointing it out.

So no one can truly know the world by virtual incursions only? Physical sampling is still the only feasible accurate measure? Is that right?


Ordering preparation of suitbot, checkup for travel by medbot, E.D.G.A.R. suit tuneup.

[sigh] At least it's raining a whole lot this month. It won't be so dry. [turns toward medbot for final checkup]

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