Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ISIL Not Doing As Much Damage To America As ZipRecruiter And Similar

[recorded segment begins as Hairy tries, once again, to analyze why Herr D's applications to various positions have not been accepted] It was too long. Backtrace suggests the readers refused to read the resume at all. Time index suggests your category of 'uninformed glance.'

No, that doesn't make sense. How short could you make a resume and sound like you had any experience?

One correspondence about a selection said it was a 'tweet' that swung the balance.

How long are those?

120 characters. But traditionally resumes are one page.

One page? I couldn't fit a month's blogging on one page? How does that work?

As you have noted, "It doesn't;" but turnover rates and ratings of job dissatisfaction indicate you not merely correct but understated.

[gill flap, analogous to brief, humorless laugh] Okay . . . agreed! But how do people get hired on one page?

According to one human resources text, "a resume is but a stopgap measure to insure some insight into an individual can be seen. Applications, interviews, simple observations can provide much more reasonable ways to eliminate multiple candidates--

Ohhh. So, they can-- No, I'm beginning to get it. Each applicant is required to build about fifty flags, hold them up, and let the hiring managers wearing rose-colored glasses knock down all the ones they think are 'red flags.' They continue this blind elimination until they have whoever cheated best or dodged the questions best. A group of three, say. Then they physically talk to those losers and decide which one is the best.

Your aphorisms are probably misapplied based on current data. But your description of the results is apt. 

No WONDER Trump is doing so well in his party. American businesses have been running away from the right people for so long, they've become resigned to taking the worst possible person! I KNEW capitalism could be undermined; I just never suspected that HIRING SOFTWARE WAS THE KEY TO KILLING AMERICA! Good grief! Is there someone we could warn?

Accidental software endangerment, through business practices, does not have a clear authority. The Department Of Commerce and Homeland Security do not have the proper partnership to implement any solutions whatsoever. 

Couldn't anyone in charge have seen this coming? Are sites like ZipRecruiter ISIL plots?

As instructed, data assembled. ISIL not overtly tied to hiring software. No one currently in charge commenting on possibility of harm to country through hiring software. Trump's show "The Apprentice" could well have been used to examine the correct point in time when hiring and other selection processes were debased to the point of his candidacy becoming more likely. His market research would have been applied in both directions.

That--kind of figures. Well, we know something is going to change, because we've seen the fut-[REDACTED]      and we know that [REDACTED                                  
                                                                                ]     what's going to change? Between those two events?

Viewer still broken. Isotope not available without process dangerous to environment.

Yeah, we won't be fixing that ourselves. I just hope things go better soon. [end recorded segment]

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