Friday, June 24, 2016

Will C-Span Sue Ryan? Will U.K. Voters Have 'Buyer's Remorse?' The People Have Spoken

"Turnabout For Squinty McGee" by Herr D, made on Reprint rights availableto commenters.

[recorded segment begins, as approximately instructed later by Hairy; he is watching footage on UK's vote to leave EU with one brown eye and rewatching footage of recent House sit-in with one green eye]

Zowie! What's next, a bunch of protesters offering to permanently staple Putin's shirt on?

You speak of coincidental group actions, but Russia is less likely to act in such a manner, according to historical analysis software.

Well, if you look at it, groups of people are 'taking back' the power that they don't normally exercise. It's easy to forget that the will of the people is the 'sleeping leviathan.'

'Sleeping giant' is the phrase.

Whatever. The point is, people are speaking as one more frequently.  ---Bernie Sanders would be proud. . . . I wonder how much of this is because of his movement? Has anyone reported on that?

[.24 seconds pass] Cursory search yields no such commentary.

Oh. Well, has anyone reported on whether C-Span will raise a cyclone over having been turned off?

Hypocrisy and cowardice and shame have been mentioned by many. C-Span's camera, coverage rights not covered to net as yet. Uncertain where to find such commentary.

Oh. Huh! Well, it's just odd, isn't it? Paul Ryan criticized the protesting Democrats for being distracting and breaking rules about phones. But he and his party had already acted in a manner that smacks of censorship and reminds me personally of 'breaking the SPIRIT of the law..' This is a matter of the fish calling the frog wet.

 Similar aphorism exists. 'Pot calling the kettle black.'

 . . . yehhhh, I don't really know anything about cookware. This should be blogged upon. Have I referenced this stuff before?

June 26, 2014 The Parrot Committed Mutiny Again. Specifically accessed by REDACTED      ,                         recently, one of our followers.

Thank you to that kind follower for the reminder! Many of the potential subjects we might blog upon, we already have!

Shelob! Post that old pic again if you can find it! It has bearing on today's topic!

Right away. Implied instruction to blog current cache fragment. Uploading now. [recorded segment ends]

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