Friday, July 1, 2016

Dastagir Points Out ISIL Is Already Losing Without Directly Saying So, Thanks, And War-Wish-Away Reprint

[recorded segment begins as Hairy has suddenly stopped watching four of the five split screens he had cued up and reads exclusively one still article]

Dastagir! You SLY one, you!

That particular article appears to point out the obvious.

That journalist has successfully pointed out that terrorism as a tactic is becoming less effective, now that Americans and others have become more blase about it. Terrorism fatigue! Good term.

You appear to be speaking subconsciously about a current event while referencing other current article.
Subtly, not subconsciously. And, yes. In fact, I'm going to go on record and say "Don't be a turkey."

Ambiguity warning: Do you mean the "Jive Turkey" created by Herr D, the Turkish government, or a Turk.
I'm sure everyone knows what I meant. In the meantime, I have to address someone namelessly:

!Thank you to that certain follower who occasionally, by their focus, reminds me of my most important blogs. I appreciate you, and I would love for you to comment directly instead of just revisiting my older work in such a helpful manner. You are right again. This one is timely.

Right now, everyone, have a look at this blog, reprinted in its entirety from July 17th, 2014.

Some of you may have been curious to meet Herr D, my fave digital artist. This just in, straight from him:

Dear  'Hairy,'
First, thank you for your continued inspiration, encouragement, endorsement, and advertisement of my artwork and the consistent mentioning of, my gracious canvas, paint set, and publisher. I have never had such a great fan before.
Second, I have a serious question. For someone who obviously wants to help and would obviously like more feedback, why have you never really spoken about war? There are some very troubled places right now, and maybe you  could help a lot of the people there? Maybe some good advice for the non-combatants?
Third, I would like to meet you in person someday. You know why it would be throwing away my health to enlist and that I'm Quaker but would have liked a chance to serve my country as a medic or a cook or clerk or something. I'd like to meet you and discuss how much more 'evolved' you'd like us to be, particularly when it comes to violence. Until then, I'll continue to communicate [this way, method redacted].
Thank you, 
Herr D

Um. Wow. I guess it's time. Herr D, thank YOU for encouraging me to start this blog. When I found you, I figured you'd just avoid me like most others did. 

Okay, point for point but WAY out of order, here it is: Yes, I know you wanted to serve as a non-combatant for the military and understand why you couldn't have. I think maybe though, that you just did in your own way.

I can't imagine meeting you face to face. I have vows of my own to fulfill, something you seem to understand, though you don't seem to know and might not believe the real reasons. Please do keep communicating as we have been. 

War, as it happens, is a peculiar problem for me. I feel incompetent at advising anyone at all about being a soldier, except for the obvious. If you believe you'd be treated better as a prisoner of war than your own side would treat theirs, surrender. That way you're not killing the people who would be nicer to you and yours. The non-combatants? What could I possibly say except 'keep your head down and go away if you can?' I actually admire the courage of people who die for the cause they believe in, even if it means being in such a horrifying thing as war. I admire the brave warriors on both sides. I especially admire the ones who shoot last. You know who you are. They're doing a job for what they think are good reasons.

The strange thing is I look UP to them and DOWN on those above them. Maybe if a world leader or two would like to comment on here, I could listen and moderate? After all, it's the ones ORDERING the war that are the ones that need to change.

As to evolving, humans are evolved enough to stop war NOW. It's just that culturally, not enough people are ready. I'm sorry to say that we should really just be grateful warfare is so inefficient right now. If it really does take 3000 more years to reach permanent peace, just LIVE THAT LONG AS A SPECIES, OKAY?  

This is actually really neat that history repeats itself in such a predictable fashion. Shelob?


Submit this to the blogging function.

Right away. [segment ends]

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