Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary's Bat Mitsvah And Other Nonsense

[in preparation for autoblogging, Shelob records session of news-related conversation]

[laughter from gills, sad tears in one eye as Hairy is watching five split screen images]

It's all too much, Shelob. News channels disconnect please.

Emotive analysis questions. Which news items were funny?

That business about Trump's 'antisemitic' ad? Multiple layers of irony there.

Please explain.

Okay. First of all, I was imagining someone from Trump's campaign being too drunk to think how they sounded. 'He doesn't hate Jews! He hates Muslims!' or 'He's not a bigot, he just deserves the bigots' votes because of all the bigoted things he's SAID without THINKING!'

That does not seem within his self-interest.

That's not all, either. Shelob? Visually analyze the corrected version with the circle.

Subjective visual analysis inconclusive.

Well, what you can't subjectively analyze is that the circle looks stupid. If this had been an eight-pointed star, no one would be saying this junk. But a circle looks stupid there.

And the idea that it is from a white supremacist source?

Well, that's something else entirely. The source material is important only to a degree. There's that clock aphorism, right?

'Beat the clock?' 


'Even a stopped clock is right twice a day?'

Yeah, that one. The internet makes sources less important. Then there's that bit about the sheriff's star. Not everyone puts those outward teardrops on the points. Some people save metal and make them harder to damage all at one go. It IS an acceptable sheriff's star--but all this totally misses the big points!

The points are all the same size.

[ignoring Shelob for the moment] How did Trump begin to think Hillary had a bat mitzvah?

Does Trump actually KNOW the differences between Judaism and Islam? Between the Torah and the Koran? People need to stop wasting time with whether he's bigoted and just remember he's IGNORANT. Ignorance is better than prejudice. I don't usually think it's a LOT better, but, yeah.

You also showed indignation.

The indignation? I felt that watching the bit about Obama's 'timing.' That one moron actually said it was odd that Obama campaigned with Hillary right after the FBI's announcement.

His implication that the findings were forced. This is not a valid conclusion.

No, it's not. It means someone told Obama, or he had their office bugged. The president DOES have the right to advanced briefings. Does no one remember that? He's IN the executive branch. If this had been a setup, the F.B.I. announcement would never have called her "careless."  Frankly, I doubt if the guy wants to go to federal prison for doing anything but coming down as middle-of-the-road as he can.

The sadness was over the dead man in Baton Rouge. You are not commenting on that.

No, and as long as America has a president that is not Caucasian, I won't talk about that very much. Bigotry is always worse when bigots can perceive their hate-targets as having an advantage.

You are speaking of hater's entitlement when there is too rational an alternative.

They won't view it as awful when they believe everything is rigged against them, and "haters gotta hate."

So they will hate more thoroughly and violently.

Yeah. Earthlings are lucky they're not occupied by the Bluons. If they heard about racial strife, they would point out that skin is like clothes--it can be removed. Then they'd remove the skins of everyone who'd been more violent than swatting a fly. Very egalitarian and horrible, besides being reptilian. I need a longer nap. Are we prepared for the season? [Starts checking bunk's bots.]

[end recorded session] 

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